What to do with a Vacuum cleaner ?

What can i do with a working vacuum cleaner that i do not use any more ?

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kithso8 years ago
Bench grinder =)
Make a: - vacuum cannon - Hovercraft - An unreasonably powerful fan - A really loud siren/whistle
One could gear it way down and make the loudest clock in the world LOL
That would be the best use of a vacuum ever...
Definitely a vacuum cannon - very cool toy.
I would be interested in making a really powerful one, just to see what could be done with them, I suppose it's always going to limited by the pressure of the atmosphere but a hard vacuum would be giving you results similar to 30PSI if air pressure is around 15 (I think it's more like 14 can't remember, yes at sea level)
You need a partial vacuum - as the projectile accelerates towards the piece of paper, the trace of air in the tube is compressed enough to push the paper off, otherwise it dramatically slows the projectile. Longer tubes give greater acceleration (the force is applied for longer), but also greater friction. The trick will be to find the balance.
I see, so the key is to maximize force and minimize friction... In the case the larger the diameter the better it'd be within the vacuum motor's limits, since smaller objects have more surface area to mass ratio... Then again using a set power thing a long piece of tubing and a ball bearing with a bit of olive oil on it would probably be pretty good for the job. I could be completely off base about that one though, because there'd be more surface area for the atmospheric pressure to act upon...
Th book where I originally came across these (Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow Jelly and 27 other Saturday Science Projects by Neil A. Downie) recommends that the projectile be at least twice as long as the diameter of the branch-pipe, to stop it turning and jamming as it passes the vacuum.
One more thing to consider... I have some junk lying about, I'll get round to making one and tinker...
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