What to do with old bicycle rims?

OK, here they canibalize bicycles. Usually all that they throw out are old frames and rims. So your mission, chould you decide to accept it is to find something more interesting to do with a discarded bike rim than making a crab net out of it. (ps. spokes and freewheels are included with most rims)

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I'd say, Bicycle trailer.
scafool (author)  koolaidslammer9 years ago
That is a good good idea too. I have seen some great plans and instructibles for trailers. I think I will build a few of them next spring. I think I might build a couple of pull carts for the dumpster divers that don't have bikes too. I see a few of them with those shopping carts and the wheels are too small. They really have to struggle to move them.
The Jamalam9 years ago
hit it with a mallet and smith a sword?
scafool (author)  The Jamalam9 years ago
"Hit it with a mallet and smith a sword?" Hmm, maybe? Most of the rims I fond lately are aluminium alloy and might be better for melting and casting than forging. It is not a bad idea though. I have got a lot of old rims around here. Maybe some of them could become swords. But only play acting swords because I don't like making serious weapons anymore.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
you could make a toroid winder
I have piqued my curiosity, how do you wind a toroid with a bike rim ?
yo9u cut the rim at one point so that it can bend slightly. Slip a toroid in so that when the bike rim is closed, it can spin inside the toroid. hold the toroid via a chuck like structure (3 wheels that can be rotated by a geared down motor, thus turnning the toroid). The bike rim is turned by 3 motors holding it in place around the rim that rotate it (so eccentially you have a ring that can be rotated without having a central axis). You run the bike rim's motors in reverse, winding a lot of magnet wire into the rim. When there's enough you tape down the other end of the wire to the toroid. With some fancy low friction release system (I know how it works, but to complicated to explain here) when you run the bike rim motors forward the wire started getting wrapped around the toroid while the toroid's motors are spinning, thus winding the wire evenly around. That was a mouthful of words.
So, in this scenario, the rim has no spokes in it, right ? Somehow I am at a loss to picture this.....you wouldn't happen to have a picture would you ? :-)
right, no spokes, here's a youtube video of a real toroid winder so that you can see where I think a bike spoke might work:

scafool (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
That is truly an ingenious device and I never knew such a thing existed before. Thanks for the idea. It is a bit too ambitious for me to attempt(and I don't wind toroid coils), but it is an interesting idea anyhow. Very good!
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