What to do with old license plate

Hey guys I ~~ripped a license plate off some dude's car~~ got a new pair of license plates for my car. As such, I have a surplus pair of plates. I'll most likely keep one of them unaltered for sentimental reasons, but was thinking it could be cool to do something with the other one. Anybody got any good ideas? --Purduecer

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skunkbait8 years ago
Use 'em to patch rust holes in your car? Make "trauma plates" for an airsoft or paintball vest? Make ceiling fan blades out of 'em?
My dad has saved all of his/ours for years. One day he wants to hang them up or something.
madpooh8 years ago
Here's a link to the license plate handbags

...or you could take two license plates and hooked them together with those round metal key holder rings and use them as a cover for a for three-ring binders/journals, scrapbook or photo album...

...or visit this website for more ideas and pictures
hang it on the outside of your barn. fold one in 1/3rds and make a holder for pens and pencils. bend it U shape and make a mail box out of it make a purse for your mom make a lunch box make a lunch box for your mom
110100101108 years ago
speaker ? (put neo magnet on it and high power electromagnet behind)
purduecer (author) 8 years ago