What was the last electronic device you broke?

In writing 62 Projects to Make with a Dead Computer I collected a lot of broken electronics to make projects with. However, the ones I had the most fun re-purposing were the ones I had broken myself. This is not say I enjoy breaking my electronics, but rather, I enjoyed finding new uses for the devices that I had grown rather fond of using. The last such thing I have that died on me was the digital camera I used to document all of the projects I made in the book (it survived over 20,000 photos before I dropped it for the last time). It's currently in pieces on my work bench while I try to figure out what to do with it.

I'm wondering, what is the last thing you have that died? What do you plan on doing with it?

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jeff-o5 years ago
The kit lens from my Nikon D40. Now replaced with a shiny-fast Sigma lens.

What to do with the old lens? I'm not sure. Put it on eBay, maybe? I think one of the lenses got knocked out of whack, none of them are broken.
onrust5 years ago
If I tell you, I'm likely to do it again!
an electronic heavy duty pencil sharpener ( not heavy duty enough for me! :))
ElvenChild5 years ago
My brain
Im pretty sure i broke the instructables Robot !
の追お!sorry I did not realize japanese text was still on, what I meant to say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Goodhart5 years ago
Just recently.....another digital camera.....they seem to wear out fairly fast for me....the lens gettnig stuck part way out (or in, depending on which way it was going at the time it freezed up)
timothymh6 years ago
 ... Maybe... Oh yeah! a Polaroid camera! (I wrote "Out of Order" on the other end of the viewfinder, so when you look through, it is superimposed on the view! I plan to make an instructable on something relating to this)
That's pretty funny. I have 3 land cameras I don't know what to do with anymore. I'm hoping someone will reinvent polaroid film.
I have a few old cheapo cameras I want to start "working on" one of these days....
yea i have a polaroid 620 and they don't sell film and it was really expensive!when they did
 Or better yet, Polaroid film that also has a reusable slide and SD card in one. That doesn't make sense. You reuse the same Polaroid-shaped thing again and again. It is a digital picture frame so you see the pic when it comes out. you pass it around, put it back in your camera. When you take all the pics you want, you put the photos on you computer with the SD card (or better yet microSD or XD 'cause they're smaller).
 Come on... the best photography idea ever and 0 replies? :)
kcls timothymh6 years ago
Wow! What a great Idea!
There, are you happy?
timothymh kcls6 years ago
Yeah. ;-) ([singing] "It was a joke! I'm sorry.")
I thought polarid film could still be found, if hunted out.

Shame, polaroid always seemed like a good thing to me, still more instant than digital...
yea i was actually cleaning out my dads old work space and found a little baggy that looked like a poptart   wrapper  so out of curiosity i opened it up ...and ruined the film
 oops. You can tell; it doesn't say, "Hey, we're wearing the same hat!" on it next to a little cartoon. :)
 Yes, it can, but the camera lens was broken. The viewfinder still worked.
Oh got ya now... I did like the little viewfinder joke though...
 Thanx. I've done that sort of thing with a bunch of broken stuff... gonna make a whole museum :P
Cool, could make for a nice photo gallery...
alexw21505 years ago
My soldering iron, I stupidly left it on over night, but being a member of instructables, I will try to fix it.
Kryptonite6 years ago
My mum's grpahics card... oops.
how mad was she when she found out?
She knew it was an accident, so all was cool.
...was it...? ;p
Luckily for me; yes.
zascecs6 years ago
It just so happens that I break a lot of things, that aren't electronic...
i broke my friends already broken iphone by throwing it on the ground!
man, the thing was broken the second it was taken out of the box. apples products are so useless
zack2476 years ago
even though it was on purpose... a LG160. first i shot it with a airsoft gun, rendering the screens broken and useless. the next day, me and some friends played some lacrosse with it. then one of my friends broke his bike lock by trying to break the phone with it, then we shoved half of the "U" trought the 2 screens. then we played some baseball. surprisingly, the phone still tried to turn on. then it got thrown at a wall. RIP.
michoi6 years ago
a guitar amp that i had just put a new fuse and a new holder when suddenly the speaker blows lol
floryzzz6 years ago
 my gleu gun 2009
adam 1016 years ago
the hardrive entered in this contest
Plasmana6 years ago
My Dad's digital camera, I dropped it and it has this funny grinding noise from the gears when I try zoom on and out... Whoops..
 An iPod.
enforcer726 years ago
a dell 233st that had been upgraded the the biggest processor I could get (PII 400 mmc-1 socket), 256mb ram, 40gb hd. my daughter has been using it for 3 years to just get online and write homework papers. in that time it had went through 4 batteries, 2 wifi cards, and 3 power supplies. I told her a year ago, that if it gave problems again I was going to trash it. the battery would charge for a minute, then drop 2%.. kept crashing. I threw it across the room at the staircase and it broke in half, plastic and keys blew all over.

she's a senior in high school and Im buying her a new one this week out of tax refund.  Just means she gets it sooner rather than in june. 
djr67896 years ago
i set my phone on fire and i still used it for a couple of weeks until i "dropped it" lool
Last was a sony ericsson W980... Well backlight on the LCD went, the clamshell hinge was scuppered and other bits were dying... Plus it's out of warranty...
i just bought a W980 after breaking a slide phone. Damn things dont stay together, the cable connecting the screen and the phone wears out so fast on sliders
Be warned, the W980 seems to have some random issues, though only later in life... Don't drop it too much and it should be fine, other than that it's a good phone.
cj814996 years ago
i never break stuff
same here, they break all by themselves.

As for me, it’s the broken stuff that inspires me… I do break things intentionally sometimes.

no i mean nothing of mine has broke in any way
n8man6 years ago
 I almost broke my computer two days ago by spilling sprite in it (Yes, in, not on) when I had left it open and my dog decided to raid my room for food. Luckily nothing was fried so it is running nice and smoothly now.

Goodhart n8man6 years ago
Ah but wait until that syrup congeals and shorts out your PSU! 

You'll have a whole new definition of:  SMOKIN !  
ihordyky6 years ago

How did it break?
tried updating it
Seems like that is something that you would be able to repair. Is it still under warranty?
no I tried everything from calling apple and going to att. Im probably going to buy an ipod touch.
Oh and my coputer broke like a week later
Atomman6 years ago
 Handheld Game.
master key6 years ago
The last thing I broke is a CD-RW drive. I broke it today.
aceLED6 years ago
sadly the same camera i entered in this contest -.-
Sunbanks6 years ago
My poor camera :P I don't think it was actually a physical problem, but it might have been, I have no idea.
bumpus6 years ago
I was tackled into an air-conditioning unit and cracked the screen on my phone..
Soooo I threw it into my car's glove-box, just in case.