What was your first EVER gun that you made?

Heh my first ever attempt at a gun was 2 grey rods and a ton of orange connectors connecting the grey rods making a barrel. then i strapped on a rubberband for power put a grey rod in the barrel pulled on it at the other end along with the rubberband and Walah! My first ever Knex gun. My next design was the same thing except with a firing pin. Then after that a trigger then a very premature handle. The funny thing is that my first gun was probably the most powerful out of all my guns...pretty much ever. Then i stumbled upon Instructables finding first the amazing killerk gun then my guns took a step forward and now i am creating crossbows gatling guns sniper rifles shotguns and all of those types of guns. But my simple pull back gun was what started it all. Whew! wrote a novel there well i just wanted to know what the best builders out theres first guns Please Comment

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(your name heres) cannon thingy
DRADIS9 years ago
My first was the OSNJCKMA2
Mepain10 years ago
I guess my first ever was a deconstruction round... thing. It was a gray rod with a grey connector on it and when the end of the gray connector was pushed, it "shot" off.
Yay! i love doing that when taking stuff apart.
my first gun was (your name here)'s semi bolt action one.
Mr Tenacious10 years ago
i supose its ironic but the f 1st gun i made was killerks when i accidently found the site, lol, still it was one of the best guns evn tho it had a blocktriger an all tht
NachoMahma10 years ago
. .22 caliber zip gun.
Whaleman10 years ago
My first gun was probably a non-firing M4 style gun, and my first firing gun was an RBG rifle.
Pat Sowers10 years ago
My first gun is the gun called very strong hand gun.
gatling gun
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