What was your first knex gun?

I want to knex what all of u knexperts first knex gun. like, the first one you ever made. doesn't have to be ur desine. my first wad a true triggeer rbg with no handle got instuctions from utube

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webby4277 years ago
Slide action true trig fo youtube
cool bas38 years ago
a thingy from knexinnovation i dont know what
Lowney8 years ago
Little bow and arrow I made when I was 5. My first 'gun' though was a little thing with no trigger. Tube and Stick.
ajleece9 years ago
storm 22
A rifle using Hack124x768's vertical pin as a firnig mechanism
The Jamalam8 years ago
mine was a pistol. new mech still XD
a junk gun without a trigger.
My first gun.... I made Killerks pistol and (your name here)'s semi-Auto at about the same time.
it wasnt a semi-auto, its an auto-loader.
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