What was your most favorite camping trip?

What was your favorite camping trip you have ever had with either your family or friends?

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iproberry15 years ago
I camp on islands-much cooler couse' there is water all around you and safer (wild animals)
monsterlego6 years ago
I camp on islands.
omg same...no joke
mostly because in big parks there are wild animals.....and less can get on the islands! :P
amandaggogo5 years ago
My most favorite would be the time I went with my family, we used to go camping all the time.
We have this land we camped on regularly, my uncle owns it, nice woodesy area with a beautiful creek. The creek is what made it great, we all brought innertubes with us (The kind you tie to the back of a boat and ride in)
We put them in the water and rode the little rapids in them all the way around the creek (Me and my sister were both 9 at the time, and my older brother's and sister were there too), along with two of my cousins.
We also found a vine to swing from and we got some serious air on that thing!
Later that night we lit a few bottle rockets, It was a beautiful place, I'd like to go back soon, it's been a bit since I have gone camping.
I guess nothing in particular made it amazing, but it's just a great memory, all the family together roughing it. All the kids had their own little tents to sleep in, etc, It was a great time had by all. :0)
ilpug6 years ago
The best camping trip I have been on so far was a four day quasi-survival trip in the King Range North of Shelter Cove on the Northern California coast. It was put on by my school as part of a survival skills class I was in. it was very rough, with us trying to (and failing) to forage and hunt our own food, but after a the second day of food failure, we just live of of our emergency rations. It was great, and I got some great photographs.
I can’t pick one favorite, but they all have fun, camaraderie, and beautiful scenery in common. Many of them featured minor misadventures as well, but that’s part of the fun. I think the best part is the sharing of an adventure or good times with a friend. Sadly, the older I get, the harder the ground gets.

There was a week-long camping trip with my family when I was about 10 in the Olympic National Forest. We hiked up into the canyon, fished, drove over to the Pacific Ocean one day, saw birds, elk, otters, and deer.

A two-day backpacking trip when I was 19 with a friend from high school in the Cascade mountains of Washington State – the moonlight on an alpine lake was incredibly beautiful and the chipmunks were brazen thieves.

A 4-day backpacking trip with two friends from college attempting to traverse the Olympic range in June of ~1982. We were turned back halfway by rotting ice bridges in a snowfield. This one also featured deer and elk.

A bicycle camping trip the length of Whidbey Island in Washington State with my boyfriend (now husband) when we were in our early-mid 20’s. The Strait of Juan de Fuca is an amazing place.

Camping at Goose Island on the Gulf in Texas with my teenage son a couple of times. There can be unrelenting high winds and pushy raccoons but also water, fishing, biking, kayaking, armadillos, javalinas, porpoises, shrimp jumping out of the water like popcorn at night to escape feeding sea trout, black-crowned night herons, and man-o-war jellyfish.

Camping in Junction, Texas with my son in 2008 and kayaking down the Llano River just after daybreak. I almost got trampled in the river by a herd of Axis Deer. Everyone at the flyfishing festival who kayaked got grabbed and dumped into the river by the same tree. We all got together at the big BBQ dinner and compared notes on the day’s activities.
Almost forgot this one: Palo Duro Canyon in March 2004 when the wild turkeys were courting. There were gorgeous red rocks and blue sky. We ended up "camping" in a motel 50 miles from the canyon because the truck broke down. After dinner I fixed the truck and we spent the next day at the park. Our home-made solar oven kept getting blown around by the wind until we stacked rocks around it.
RangerJ6 years ago
My favorite camping trip wasn't actually a trip - my son and I were only a little more than 100 yards away from home, but it was fun. I had camped pretty much my whole life, around the neighborhood, in the Scouts, and in the military, but doing it with him made it special.

What I really liked was showing him things like how to make coffee over a fire of burning GI peanut butter, and that you can carry water in a paper bag to douse your fire with.

It was fun.
lockpick7 years ago
Not sure where this was but once with my whole family cousins, uncles, and aunts there was this place in San matteo. We built rope swings, a makeshift treehouse, a rope elevator to the treehouse and there was this place with no campsites or buildings just a huge valley with a forest and a river that we went exploring in. There was also a spot that had a thin overhang on a 60 ft cliff that broke with my cousin on it. Luckily we were about to test a rope elevator and he was in it.
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