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octopus but this is not important because we live in a world that will soon be taken over by atomic super platapuses sure we think there an endangered species but little do we know that there is a vast super advance city of platapusses under Australia and they are mobilising I have seen this we are all going to be slave to platapus kind be must blow up Australia before it is too late

insanely yours GD
What's with platypusses?
 did you see dogma cuz they made fun of the platypus in the beggining
do not insult the platypus overlords
I only follow hypnotoad. All glory to the hypnotoad.
ive been staring blankly at that image for 3 months now.............what have you done to me?????????
Holee Shnitz 'tis Master Hyepnoetaed!!!!
NOT HYPNOTOAD!!!!!!!!!!! lol
I knew it! So its not just me having crazy platopus dreams!
acidbass7 years ago
 used to be nissanZ 
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