What weapons you currently have built.

I have seen a couple of forums on what you would use in battle, I just want to know what you have.

I have:
BBSA- Bakenbit'z
Heavy cannon v5- I_Am_Canadian
Oodassault pistol- TheDunkis
Mini-er TDS- TheDunkis
OKP- Oompaloompa
Mosquito- TheDunkis
Knexsayer- (If you don't know, you must be extremely new to knex weaponry)
ZLG - Zak
A couple I_A_C war bombs- I just said
2 spiffs- I_Am_Canadian
A few knives- no clue
A few grenades- no clue
Dragonfly cusomizable crossbow- Wicky

And 95 lbs of knex left over.

You have?.......

EDIT: Now I have:
10 of Carlisle's grenades
Mini BR8
KILLERK'S block trigger
Oodassault pistol
Mini rectangle
3 different single shot pistols mepain designed
"Matilda" looking modified ZLG (matilda from resident evil 4.)
Heavy cannon v5

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Hiyadudez6 years ago

Ump-45 - bakenbitz
Heavy cannon V1 - IAC
AK-47 - bakenbitz
TBUAR - Killer-safecracker
Sr-v2 - Lowney
AST pistol - IAC
El diablo assault pistol - Viccie.b1993
Z35 assault rifle - Oblivitus
WW2 springfield - Mr.Stealth
Vss vintorez - Mr.Stealth
TBAP - Killer-safecracker
MP5 - Trauts
Beast pistol - Oblivitus
Spiff - IAC
M110 - Nutty guy
Morretti SR-4 recon kit - The_burrito_master
AR-4 v3 - DJ radio
Mosin nagant - Barrax
HAWC - Viccie.b1993

That is all I can remember at the moment, but I am sure I have made many, many more.

lol i didnt think you had that much, but if you are going by what you have ever built i could make a long long list
travw (author)  shadowninja316 years ago
Yeah, but I was meaning what weapons you have built RIGHT NOW. Not what weapons you've built at any time. I can see how people would think that though.
travw (author)  Hiyadudez6 years ago
"What weapons you currently have built."
Oh, and UMP-45's by TheDunkis.
bigdylan916 years ago
Hmm,well at the moment i have...

AR4 V3 Commando(With my mods)
and i may be building some other stuff sometime soon.
turreted logic bow and a sidearm type gun
Seleziona6 years ago
i gots a hellslayer, a sipriani, and a slingshot im working on.
chopstx6 years ago
*Breathes in a large amount of air*


DJ Radio6 years ago
All I have now is a kick-@$$ BR-v1.
yerjoking7 years ago
New (sorta) bolt action (been done I think twice) with removable 12 round mags, sear trigger. That's all, it's all I am working on, only got it shooting yersterday lol.
travw (author)  yerjoking7 years ago
Sounds good. Pics?
yerjoking travw7 years ago
Hmm, maybe a video later on today. I am trying to make it triangular for strength, since this is like version 0.7 it's pretty bad. Still shoots and loads perfectly. Just the structual strength and the range (I'ma work on the range after I make the gun more stable). Sear trigger needs work too.
knex mad7 years ago
i have knex sayer my pistol (slide action) a cross bow it the one with the wrong way turned bow on it dutchj top loading rifle and half of a top loading solekillers pistl im building off pics and a jakal 3 shell ejection and jollex s dart gun off ki
travw (author)  knex mad7 years ago
Cool, how easy was the "jackal v3" to build?
knex mad travw7 years ago
its easy to build but i cant get the shells to work roperly at the top of the mag bit were the shells should come out the get stuck but other wise its brilliant very powerful but just a disapointment about the shells
you forgot the cut orange connectors. Not decapitated, cut.
travw (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Could you post a picture of the orange connectors/ where they are? It'd make it easier for people (me) to make it...
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
Millwai legend or whoever (I didnt memorize the spelling) has some of these connectors on his full auto. Its basically 2 prongs at the tip that are snapped off.
travw (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Ok, where are they?
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
where the shells eject. They are on both sides.
ajleece7 years ago


travw (author)  ajleece7 years ago
Wow... Do you have any pieces left? /sarcasm]
ajleece travw7 years ago
This topic is only what weapons you've got built.......
travw (author)  ajleece7 years ago
Oh... True.
wow..so..much..knex i got my true bolt action sniper my pistol and about 20 prototypes that I really cant be bothered with
Looks kinda like my topic.
travw (author)  Killer~SafeCracker7 years ago
Really? I thought the name implied what weapons you would use in a knex war... What do you have built? As in, all of it.
The other topic.
DJ Radio7 years ago
wow. All I have is a pistol that uses a new shell mech.
Is that what you are going to give me a peek at??
Get working on it. lol
the majority of the gun is done already, I just have to make the shells, test the gun, and tweak it.
travw (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Tell us when you're done!
Good send me some pics when its done.
travw (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Does it work well?
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
I have no idea, I still have to make the shells.
travw (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
What kind of shells? Grey spacers taped together?
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
Those shells. The ejection barrel is new.
I like using shells. What kind of barrel does it use??
wow i have bakens ak and iacs v5 and otiuvus pocket rilfe and oodas mg and 20 basic knex cannons and i have a few lbs left i want more