What will be the next Steampunk?

Steampunk has been with us since the late 80s, gaining more widespread attention in the last decade.   So what will be the next movement to move in and replace steampunk?  My guess is that it's already in the works in someone's workshop somewhere.  What do you think it will be?

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Dr. seuss punk?
eclipsed4 years ago
peyton144 years ago
Junkpunk. a mixture of steam punk and all the punks. Take old toys that light up and rewire them.(i took a ligtsaber and made a lamp!) So yeah Post apolytic.
Deeder6 years ago
it will be a disco techno.  imagine disco stycle clothes decked out with LEDs and stupid gizmos, shoes that made you spin in circles and roller skates with tiny motors that were self propelling, with built in strobe lights!

Somebody flying down the sidewalk on their motorized skates screaming because there was a short in the wiring and they can't stop.
Goodhart Deeder6 years ago

kinda looks more like a chicken! ;p
Yeah, but Disco-chicken just doesn't quite work.....we already had a Chickenman ;-) ....

First, a link to the REAL ChickenMan Wikipedia article;  and then this >

scoochmaroo (author)  Deeder6 years ago
Yeah, I can see that!
Now that, I think, would be a rave. 
krusher295 years ago
I think we could do robo-junk as a new thing like walking roboty thing made from junk like in 9.
and monicles with apetures
nikolad5 years ago
Maybe goth will just be goth again?
Ceiling cat6 years ago
Deiselpunk?  Spacepunk?
I take that back.  Definitely not spacepunk.  I thought I'd made it up.  Nope.  Definitely NOT spacepunk.
Very, very few people look good in red and yellow spandex.  Just...ewwww.
I know.  I was trying to think of a new one.  I thought "Hmm... Spacepunk sounds like it would be cool".  So I googled it to see if it already existed.  Yes it did...  Eeeww.
I know what I was looking for.  ATOMPUNK!
DngrDave6 years ago
I'm thinking you'll see more "diesel punk" coming down the pipe. That tends to have  art-deco styling, which really lends itself to some fun applications. Also, I don't, even know what you'd call it, but I can see some sort of "mid-century punk" cropping up using this sort of styling. It's showing up on Mad Men and I'm starting to see it elsewhere. I'm tempted to build a 60's tiki lounge in my basement but my wife won't let me... (TikiPunk!)

My girlfriend likes things from WWII The look of the motorcycles, guns, and buildings, basically the style that was developed, practical is the best way to describe it.  but WWII-punk is too long.
Yes, that's a very cool look.  Kind of a mix of Art Deco, Socialist Realism, and Fascist Monumentalism.  One of my all-time faves in that style is the main railway station in Milan.
Sounds familiar.
he is very good looking and carries that style well
He is also gay....
Him? Or his character? I thought his character swung both ways?
The actor is gay, the character isn't fussy.
Ok, I understand now :-)
sadly i know that :( but hey a girl can dream lol he is married too
It's the duster that makes it look so good
That would be called 50's modern
auto-tribal punk? .. hunter-gatherers use parts of the animals the hunt for adornment, clothing, etc. imagine the hunter-gatherer of the "not too distant future" pursues machinery instead of animals, and when they drop one they harvest all of its parts for adornment, clothing etc. upholstery loincloths, lug-nut necklaces, hose rings/bracelets, tire tread body armor... now that I see it here, it sounds kinda "mad max-ish" nvm.
Jackalopunk? Just sayin...
JackedPunk sounds illegal or immoral somehow
Fits rather well with me then
koopatroopa6 years ago
And Why would you have to replace steam punk?
Is it broken?

 I don't think he means to replace steampunk, just wondering what the next big think like it will be.
You have some gender identification issues, don't you?  Either that, or you make sexist assumptions.  Why don't you take a slightly closer look at the author of this topic?
Okay, cool it. "I don't think she means to replace steampunk blah blah blah blah blah." Happy now? Jeez...

When you're older, and you actual deal with adult women, you'll understand.  Or maybe you won't, and you'll be single.   Whatever.
Ah, the Be Nice Policy in Action. Don't you just love it?

Calm down. Either he made a mistake, or didn't know if she was a male or female, so he wrote "he".

I'm a guy, but I get mistaken as a girl, but you don't see me telling people they'll be single for the rest of their life because of a little mistake. So again, just calm down a bit.

The situation isn't symmetric.  Historical and continuing bias against women is not the same.

Also, I didn't have a problem with Brother_D's mistake in the first place, just with the attitude.  If it doesn't matter to him who he insults, then that will have consequences, either short term or long term.
Funny that you should have a problem with my attitude when you were the one coming at me with a bad tone.
"bad tone".... so i assume u can hear (i lost track of whom ur addressing) <
Nice one.
What attitude? Koopatroopa asked a question, and Brother_D replied his opinion as a answer (I think, I could be wrong). Part of the answer was addressing Scoochmaroo, but instead of saying "she," he said "he," either as a mistake, or as a neutral way of addressing Scoochmaroo without actually saying "Scoochmaroo" because he didn't know if she was male or female.

It was your attitude that started this. Not his.
I completely agree.
OK i don't understand what you are talking about what is so sexist?
Im not trying to be mean
I don't know what gender it was asking the question
and you don't know what gender i am
people are way to touchy about this stuff
they always amuse racism or sexisum
thanks to those who supported me

when i said it initially i didn't even mean it like that I'm french
Deathatsix6 years ago
i'd say CyberPunk is ganna grow more. it's younger then steampunk and technology keeps getting better for glowy gadgets and clothing. i'm ganna say it would be something like that. it's been gaining ground and electronic music in all forms keeps taking off or vegetable people locked in their virtual world.
himax6 years ago
hmmmm from my point of view i think Garbage Punk ..

A la Mad Max or Water World

postapocaliptyc junk punk funk


The Fifth Horseman 
csim856 years ago
 I'd like to see Post-Apocalyptic-Punk. For those who are gamers, think Fallout 3. I love the idea of salvaging whatever mechanical and electrical parts you can find in a post war wasteland to make whatever it is you need to survive. It doesn't have to look pretty, lots of duct tape and garbage. Lets not forget the tin lunch boxes!
zascecs csim856 years ago
Yea, I'd agree. Mostly things based on junk and duct tape... 
Kiteman6 years ago
"Why does it have to be "***punk"?  We can come up with something more original than that!"

----punk is the meme, though.  It lets you know that it's a fashion both in clothing and in environment (furniture etc).
Well steampunk is already a bastardization of -punk. Punk rock was about a deconstruction of everyday life, and how stupid all the accoutrement that came with a settled life and modernity were.  Cyberpunk was a deconstruction of the Flash Gordon future where it turns out in two hundred years, everything still sucks and is covered in dirt and grime.  Victorian anachronistic stuff bore a superficial resemblance to a lot of things in cyberpunk and got saddled with the name "Steampunk"  despite the fact  that it is pretty much to opposite of a deconstruction in that it's a full-on celebration of the industrial age and victorian high society. 

If something were going to be "Steampunk" in the original sense of the "-punk" prefix it would probably have a lot of the same aesthetic in technology, but a lot more focus on poverty, oppression, and life as a native in colonial africa or india.

But the magic of morphic language means it's just "anachronism within a period" at this point with the onset of Dieselpunk, etc.
So then...Zombie Apocalypse Punk would be...a...deconstruction of the Zombie Apocalypse, which is a huge 'luge of suck',  and turns it into....like....the next best thing!  I win!  Yay!  Wait.

Or else we're thinking way too much about this thing and not having any fun with it.  (Where did I put my meat goggles?) 

...oh a shiny....
lemonie6 years ago
Wierd...I got thinking about "glam" and ended up with this warped-random stuff...

What.  The.  F**k.  Is that a serious show?  Wow.  Just wow.
It was very screwy, people looked down on me for watching it, but I've forgotten most of it in the last 15 years or so.

Nice. Reminds me of The Mighty Boosh, only severely un-british ;).
Most of 'em are British though.

My vote is for "Junk Punk".  Essentially the idea of Instructables... making things that are cool from any discarded junk, be it modern or old.
MarkTBSc6 years ago
I'm thinking Historical Pre-enactment.

Anyone want to do the second moon war?

Even better: Historical Enactment. Wars that haven't happened yet and probably never will.

Anyone up for the the time-traveling Spartan 300 VS. The George Lucas clone army?

Ummm, that's basically what MarkTBSc wrote.
Subtle difference: Historical pre-enactment would wars that would most likely happen in the future. Historical enactment would be wars that have practically no chance of ever existing.

Ah, ha!  Thank you very much for clarifying that :-)  That sort of reminds of Fritz Leiber's Big Time stories.
 Double genius! Count me in!
KnexFreek6 years ago
 Modern or Vivid Color somthin'
 I would really like to see someone steampunk a car. Something legit and street legal.
It's not steampunk, but I saw a car covered in computer chips. It was pretty cool.
But yeah, a steampunk car what be awesome.
FFVIIBOY6 years ago
Sorry if i sound stupid but, what is Steampunk?
Sorry if I sound stupid, but what is a search engine?
Adum24 kelseymh6 years ago
You guys are weird.
kelseymh Adum246 years ago
Not weird, just impatient with laziness.  Oh, and we tell bad puns, too.  Okay, yeah, I guess that does make us weird.
correct me if I'm wrong but i've found the best way to make new friends if you're new to a sight is to ask a question about the thing that those people are interested in and let them tell me all about it.  It isn't that i'm too lazy to find the info myself, I like to show an interest in what they're interested in and hopefully a friendship will form through light discussion.
"If you hide your ignorance, no-one will hit you and you'll never learn."
                                                                                                         Ray Bradbury
A steam-search-engine, or otherwise powered?

That's witty thanks lemonie
Sorry if i sound stupid but what is a, uh, errr........ What comes next?
Adum24 FFVIIBOY6 years ago
Its basically taking something like headphones, for example, and making them with parts from that of like an old steam engine.
FFVIIBOY Adum246 years ago
Aaaaahhhhh i see
...and putting brass-screws into things.

 brass screws are nice anyway.
In the right places, yes they are.

Steampunk is a genre that speculates what would have happened if the Industrial Revolution occurred a century earlier in the 18th century.

You can research further into the fandom but something like applying advanced technology in the Victorian era style of living.  Many see only in the decorative sense of applying brass parts, tubing, watch gears, wood and leather to everyday objects and call it steampunk style.
I've got it - DOSpunk! All ancient computer stuff - text interfaces, giant switches and dials, transistors the size of your fist, whining hard drives...
dvnfntn6 years ago
One word: Toidpunk
TechPunk! Borrowing tech from all over the timelines, much as they do in the Paratime series. Of course, this means that not everything will fit right, but it'll sure look cool!

Such as - a steam-powered ballista with laser sights.
"Such as - a steam-powered ballista with laser sights.

That sounds...just...awesome!
helliebee6 years ago
 I think it's going to be a sexed up dystopian retro fifties analog sort of movement sort of like Bioshock.
or fallout
 that style of art from fallout is called raygun gothic. just so you know.
I looked up some artwork for raygun gothic and it looks similar to some stuff in fallout, but not completely. There is a different look about it. Probably because it got nuked! lol
Really? Thanks. I'll look into it.
bowmaster6 years ago
Dude, steampunk is still growing. It's only about 34% through.
Goodhart6 years ago


kind of a child of Steam punk :-) 

! xD !6 years ago
Nutella-punk. For sure.