What would YOU do with a spare coffin?

If you don't care about the origin of this question, skip the next paragraph(s).

I've recently inherited a(n old, beat up, musty, covered-in-tomato-sauce) prop coffin that was once used in John Doe's Halloween display. My friend's brother "acquired" the thing a few Halloweens ago; he was using it as a table. So far, I've put a few hours of work into the once-disheveled box by sanding and painting it... I made it sturdier, purty-er, and much much more comfortable (with padding and everything)!

Now that the coffin is easier on the eyes, I've realized that I have no idea what I'm going to do with it! I'm moving into a house with 3 of my friends in a week, and I would like for the coffin to serve a purpose, (besides the off chance that one of us kicks the bucket this semester).

What should I do with this thing? Table? Guitar case? Clothes hamper? Guest bed for my shorter vampire friends?
Keep in mind the coffin can either rest laying down, (as shown,) or balanced upright on the skinnier end.

Dimensions: measures 58" long, by 35" wide, and about 15" deep. It can easily fit most young children.... muahahaha!! (No, I'm not going to really put anyone inside this thing. For now.)

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i would put shelves in it and use it as a cabinet.
rachel9 years ago
It is the perfect place to store your spare artificial limbs! Also fright wigs, pancake makeup, fake blood, vampire teeth, boots of unmatched sole height, satin capes, etc.
Don't forget soil from your homeland.
Some sort of a cabinet seems like the most plausible and useful use for it.
Robil (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Currently the coffin is serving as our coffee table / game cabinet. It looks rather nice in the middle of our living room, and I would venture to guess that we're the only people on the block that have one :D
joelkemu9 years ago
Personaly id sleep in it, i mean my freinds (haha) already think im wierd why not prove them right?
ichiwazaryu9 years ago
How about a MUNSTERS phone booth? a spare bed? A wine vault.
Robil (author)  ichiwazaryu9 years ago
Wine vault is a pretty cool idea indeed, but I already made our house a wine rack... this could be the aging chamber for fine wines & spirits, (light = bad for wines and vampires alike,) if my budget allows me to enjoy such comforts ;D

Any ideas to lessen the 'creepy-factor' of a coffin? I don't want to scare away the lady folk too quickly...
Keep the creep factor, think about the hot chicks you'll meet that "dig" that sort of thing.
The hottest chicks are always those chicks, aren't they?
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