What would be your war set?

Alright now that I have the ability to post again I'm going to start a random thread that I haven't seen yet. Say you had enough pieces if you don't already. What would be your perfect set of war weapons. I don't care how many you pick because you'd only be able to carry so many at a time and place the others somewhere for safe keeping. Mine would be- 1. If only I got it to work perfectly (it worked a lot better than my last one) I would use this as my main weapon or side arm if I decided to snipe. In case you didn't know this is my updated assault pistol. I could probably remake and improve further if I get requests. 2. For a normal side arm I'd probably go for my TDS2 simply because nearly all side arms function the same and I'm used to using this. I have made another side arm based off of Dsman's and making it more compact but I couldn't get a picture. I could probably remake that under request too. 3. If nothing else this would probably be a main weapon. The feel of the weapon is just awesome. If we played replicas only this would probably be on the better ones only behind the MP5 and K'nexStealth's sniper (only because it's a sling). It's reliability and removable magazine would make it an awesome short-medium range weapon. 4. (updated from picture) Then I might also carry this around as a secondary. Everyone loves a good shotgun. Or at least I would love sending a spread of "pellets" toward the enemy. I have a better idea for a repeating pistol with removable magazine, shells, and awesome shot amount. 5. Alright finally to get away from my weapons. I'd probably use IaC's striker pistol or whatever just so I can get those long distance shots without a sniper. 6. If I absolutely needed a sniper I'd probably go for K'nexStealth's (sorry I forgot the name of the weapon) because it looks the coolest. 7. I said this earlier but I'll say it again. I'd probably try out my modded version of dsman's side arm because it's more accurate than the TDSs. 8. Finally I'd carry a couple of D splodies or a war bomb just incase I need to flush out an enemy. By the way I'm currently stumped on what to make next. I happened to make a new curved magazine so if you guys happen to have a gun with a curved magazine (removable) I might do that although I'd prefer something new.

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black ops5 years ago
mine will be : primary aks-47 hybrids supr. flashlight triple jungle clip
secondary glock 18 acog extendened mag supr.
x-plosives: c4
knife: any knife where u can slash or stab with :)

this is for real war :)
TheDunkis (author)  black ops5 years ago
Sounds more like someone's fantasy CoD class.
based off
coreyt8 years ago
primary modded rectangle basiclly perfected 80 feet flat
secondary bakenbitzs slam fire br 18
pistol if needed your oodammo one
Owenmon8 years ago
I don't need that many pieces with this arse! Sniper - Sipraini Rifle V3 Rifle - BR-18 Pistol - My Oodammo pistol. :-D
two of these with alot of extra ammo
Just that? No snipers, grenade launchers or smg's? That won't help you for long I think.
well yes you are generally right but with the rules me and my mates play with it is perfect heres why it is good:

1. damage. we play with 5hp green rod=1 damage white=2 blue=3 yellow =4 red and grey 1 hit kill. *note* if the gun fires connectors they are counted as the nearest rod size. this fires yellow rods

2. when you do not have a large weapon people do not consider you as much of a threat, a mistake considering this guns capabilities

3. classes we play with 3 classes: recon, soldier and commander and the weapons specs for these classes are
recon-cannot have more than 500 grams of weaponry
soldior-must have all guns must fire blue or larger rods
commander-handguns only

so theres my reasons for only using this gun =P
Late reply, AGAIN'''
I wouldn't use those rules, because in real life, I'd rather get shot in the foot with a 50 cal. bullet, than a 9mm in the chest. I would go by where you got hit...
meh thats our old rules we now play you get shot your dead, any non banned weapons can be used its alot simpler
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