What would help move you from Reader to Maker?

Instructable authors love getting feedback from members.  We especially love it when someone builds the project we've made an Instructable for.  If you post a picture or a slideshow or a video... wow!  It makes us very very happy!

So, as a sister question to the "I Made It" Challenge Month contest I'm asking:

What would it take for you to make something and share a photo/video of it with the author?*

As an author I've tried to offer what meager rewards I can, offering special patches and a place on the 'Ible's own wall of fame for people who build them.  Building on that, here are some of my ideas to kick off the discussion.
  • Per Instructable Hall-Of-Fame.  Sort of a rogues gallery for each Instructable that would let writers reward awesome people who comment on their 'Ible. To be eligible you'd have to comment on the 'ible, and you'd have the option to decline being listed. 
  • Special 'I Made This' patches for authors to give. Each time a author publishes an 'ible they would get the ability to send a custom patch made from the 'ible thumbnail.  The "I Made This" patch would show up in their own category on  your profile page.
  • More Visible Rewards.  Connected to one or both of the above, if you do enough "I MAde It" tasks you could get a special medal/icon on your avatar to show you've made lots of stuff. (I know you didn't like the "pro" indicators, but maybe this will be different.  Not sure if this idea has come up before.)
  • What else is stopping you?  Is the process of posting an image or video too hard or confusing?  Are you intimidated to try to make something and share it?  Or do you have other reasons?
Do you have other ideas?  Do you like or hate these?  Comment here and hopefully the development team will see something they like.

*In addition to a contest.

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What would it take for you to: a) make something, and 2) share a photo/video of it with the author? A job! As a 63 year old mechanical designer I struggle as there are no jobs for me here in Minnesota (where you are not hired as you're "Over-Qualified' even for a damn Mac D job (especially if you need a cane), and money is tight.) OK so much for venting, actually, I still design things and build what I can, but cost has really dampened that more then I like. Thankfully, a lot of what one finds here on Instructables is low-cost and innovative. It is Instructables that has brought many new ideas and projects into the public venue, and opened doors for all who come here to try new things and see what they can do. If anyone wants help on material selection, help in solving a mechanical problem, or the like, I'm open to give what aid I can for free. After nearly thirty years in the Industrial trades, I have a bit of knowledge and a host of tricks and tips to pass on to any who ask. I imagine they are a lot of folks who could do this and aid a host of new builders and dreamers who are just getting their feet wet as it were. Its just an idea, but those who know ought to teach, or help others who need a bit help to make and do new things. Passing on the knowledge is what makes us all better.
rogueleadr7 years ago
 It'd be good to have a tally system on the instructable itself.  
For example, 

"published Jan 13,2010"
"Made by 13 people "

You click the 13 link and it shows the members who made it and the pictures associated. 
I think that would be a great feature so that people no longer plague only the author for tips about the project. 

I love this idea! I often find usefull tips and alterations buried deep in the comments, it would be great if there was an easy link to take me to all the variations of a project.

A dedicated gallery for each where people who've made it can upload pictures would be AWESOME.
kcls Jayefuu7 years ago
+2! That would definitely be a cool thing to have.
kcls kcls7 years ago
I was just thinking though. I would think that if there was a feature like this, people would abuse it. Maybe it would have to be approved by the author and would have to have picture with it to be added to the list.
rogueleadr kcls7 years ago
I agree, It'd have to be moderated well....
rogueleadr kcls7 years ago
Let's get someone on this! That'd be pro.
Love this idea, especially if the original author has some control over the content (i.e. adding captions, arranging/resizing submitted pics, etc.).
+more to this idea
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