What would you ask Terry Pratchett?

Next week, (New Scientist are) going to interview Terry Pratchett, author of the enormously successful Discworld series of books - or rather, you are. Tell us what questions you'd like to put to him in the comments below. We'll run the interview in a forthcoming issue of New Scientist.

Remember, the more original your question is, the more likely it is we'll pick it - which means "Where do you get your ideas?" is out, for a start. And bear in mind we cover science and technology, not writing or publishing.

Thinking caps on, then. Or should that be pointy hats?

You must be able to do better than "Is it hard being so awesome?"!

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Note "Next week" was written on 25th September 2009 - if you are reading this some time in 2016, you're a bit late to contribute...

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Oh my gosh - I have every book written by him, and if I've read each one 5 times it's a little! Seriously.
How he can make the whole meaning of sentence pivot on one word and actually mean something else is fantastic. I love books, have many and in general I don't mind too much as to how they are treated. BUT let anybody even look at  the double shelf on which reside my Pratchets and I'm like
"Have you washed your hands?"
"TWICE?? Because if you think that you're ........"

hmmmm.. this comment has just inspired me to perhaps chain the books in THE shelf up, and earth that onto copper strips...
Kiteman (author)  Karroo Oakey8 years ago
I have them all too - most of them signed.
I'm so jealous.

Still looking for copper strips though :D
I too have an aquaintaince author friend why knows Terry.... she keeps mentioning setting up a "dinner date"
Kiteman (author)  undescriptive8 years ago
With Terry? Grab the chance as soon as you can. Not just because of his condition, but because you will enjoy it greatly.
I intend too... just we have all been so busy (Terry included!) and my friend is getting her books through the publishing hoops currently. Once they are accepted, it should be a fantastic opportunity for her.
Well I truly hope that goes well.
I really shouldn't... I'll just freak out about Neil Gaiman.

So you wrote that book with him, how cute is he, seriously?
Did you guys drink tea and type on ancient typewriters in your pajamas? Dish!
Seriously, how cute is his accent? Did you ever find yourself sans-pants just due to the sound of his voice?

Though to be totally honest, Good Omens is one of my favorite books, and the only thing I've read by Pratchett. Though I do have Mort around here somewhere!
Kiteman (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
Haha! If you have Mort, read it (it only takes three hours at one sitting), but otherwise, if you like Gaiman, try Guards! Guards! first.

Actually, if you like Gaiman (have you read American Gods, Anansi Boys, Neverwhere? These parallel-realities are brilliant!), have you tried China Miéville? King Rat is a parallel-reality, like Anansi Boys, but Perdido Street Station, The Scar and The Iron Council are amazingly weird, own-niche fiction (I'm waiting for The City and the City to come out in paperback).
canida Kiteman8 years ago
I love Pratchett and Gaiman, but can't stomach Mieville - he hits my pretension buttons. Pretty stuff, but trying too hard.
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