What would you do for $1,000,000

What is the craziest thing you would do for $1,000,000

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Hippymike964 years ago
Anything legal....... Or illegal .
panny19964 years ago
To earn $1,000,000, i need to earn 1000000 bills of 1$ or 1000 bills of 100$, theres another great idea, I will become an international beggar, where i will beg for minimum a $500, travel to foreign countries, meet Queen Of Britain , King of Thailand and Prince Of Abu Dubai..That will make some sense to earn 1000000$ .
JACKBARRY4 years ago
id wrestle a gator a small one as im only 12
I'd set fire to $500,000...

Cash up front though...
On second thought I'd really enjoy doing that anyway...
Goodhart4 years ago
I could brave being in a box of scorpians, or spiders, or snakes, walk through fire, etc.....but nothing where I have to hold my breath or may suffocate.
Goodhart4 years ago
I don't know, make an offer >:-D
ThePregergater (author)  Goodhart4 years ago
I'll give you $1,000,000 if you give me $1,000,000,000,000,000. :D
How about we do it this way: you get for me $1,000,000 in 50's or smaller, and I get you a $1,000,000,000,000,000 bill >:-D
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