What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Although this is more of a summer question i didn't thick I'd remember when June came around. so... what is the craziest thing you would do for a Klondike Bar.

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Kiteman1 year ago
Nothing. I'm not a keen icecream-eater, and not at all fond of the stuff Americans call "chocolate".
I enjoy chocolate from all the countries I visit. I've found that chocolate, like Coke, vodka, and potato cakes, is an acquired regional taste - everyone has a favourite.
Though I'm not a huge fan on Klondike, I do love me an ice cream sammie. Assuming ICS of my choice: I'd fold a page from the day's newspaper into a hat and do a polar bear swim! (hint: I already it and there was no ICS reward)
Agreed. American chocolate is nasty. Hershey's tastes like they added gravel :p
Xixfas Jayefuu1 year ago
How dare you!!!!

: (
hershey's (in my opinion) hasa aftertaste of sick!
(Which is why we took a couple of kilos of Cadbury's over last August.)
Thergox1 year ago
Beat Chuck Norris at checkers. . . While slaying Godzilla at the same time.
Goodhart1 year ago
Pay for it, most likely....
ThePregergater (author)  Goodhart1 year ago
You just had to choose the easiest way out of answering my question.
It'll be ok, here's a puppy:

ThePregergater (author)  Goodhart1 year ago
so cute
Isn't he though ? :-D
The easiest way is not to answer at all...
Thats a bit of a quandry: the best way "to answer" is not answer at all. But that is not an answer, it is a "not answered" :-)
Xixfas1 year ago
My school has a version of this that on our monthly show PNN (Pilgrim News Network).

It's called "Dear Panther" (our mascot is a panther)
I would basically get on my bike, ride to the mini-mart, and buy a 6 pack to put in the freezer. Then eat one.
Hack42Moem1 year ago
I'd eat a Klondike bar.
Wilmette1 year ago
I think that is a terrific pickup line for someone much younger and at a different season. .
But in answer to the question: I weaould say let's have lunch. I'll get the chicago style dogs and you get the Klondikes.
blkhawk1 year ago
Dance like a happy prospector!