What would you do with a big laser?

I may soon come into the possession of three 250 watt laser heads (class 4/IIIb). I have a few ideas for projects and the like (yes, some involve fire), but I want to throw the net out. If it doesn't require multiple engineering degrees, I'm all ears. What would you do with even one big laser? What about three of 'em? Let me know!

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Err, is it in the visible spectrum? If so I think I'd make an attempt upon the moon... If not I'd start threatening clouds... Probably a few very dumb things but one thing would be to make a scalable plotter that works as a drawing/etching device by pivoting a laser assembly on a fixed point and the object size is simply changed by placing it further back...
Bounce the lasers off a mirror on a speaker - Lissajous figures 2 miles wide!
Oh yes, I wonder if I can finish my skylight project, then figure a way of doing that on clouds, maybe some form of water bearing or some delicately balanced cantilevers to make a speaker move it...
It doesn't need to be so delicate.

Actually, this may be more your style
Well the poor man's one shows a good concept, it would be easier to move a mirror than the whole thing which is big, hot and heavy... It's also safer, if you looked into this thing you'd be blinded...
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
NOT blind yourself?
isn't that the best idea?
And have some fun
Lol! i'll be sure to keep that in mind when i get a laser
CameronSS9 years ago
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