What would you do with a ton of very rusty metal?

My place of work backs onto the beach in Portsmouth harbour (UK) - the shore is littered with many pieces of very rusty metal - mostly big bolts, rods, nuts, huge washers etc - from the engineering works that used to be here, but there are also bits of old hardware that look like they came from some of the derelict barges that lie rotting in the estuary mud.

It's all in pieces small enough to pick up, and there's a ton of it. Some is so rusty that it's all rust, but most is merely heavily corroded/encrusted.

There's got to be something interesting that can be done with all this material, but... what?

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Plasmana9 years ago
You could try make thermite...
i would make medical instruments.
lol tetanus .........
tetanus is no laughing matter mr.=smart=ypants. os this your idea of a some kind of a sick joke?
no you would get it if u stuck sharp rusty implements into your blood stream
oh please. tetanus schmetanus. p.s. by the way. the previous comment was sarcasm...
Actually even the direct antibody injections suck, I had to get a massive does after a tree branch lodged itself in my arm, makes you sick as a dog for a couple of weeks...
}:) beat that.
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