What would you like to do with a laser engraver?

I've recently seriously looked at what they are capable of.

I saw a few demo's at the Maker Faire and I got a little Aztec calendar at the Epilog booth. The detail these laser engravers are capable of is amazing.


This just instantly opens up a lot of doors in ideas and making things. Craft Technology Lab a group from Colorado had a verry cool booth. Besides the wearable e-textiles peices they had fun laser cut kinetic sculptures. A little twist of a crank and it spun a ball balanced on a seals nose and waved his tail. The sliceforms were another amazingly designed laser cut project. Imagine larger scale peices with cushions! Could make every furniture peice in your house!

Anyhow here is their page, they had a lot more laser cut kinetic sculptures at the faire though that arent on the webpage.


Myself some of the things I'd make is ships and airplanes frames.

Remember this burning man peice?

Wouldnt be too hard tracking down who has the files on their computer. With a litle manipulation you'd have a minerature model of it.

I'd have to make my familys home. Scale replicas of things you own is always fun.

With a laser cutter your xmas and b-day gift ideas are set for life.

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defpotec10 years ago
Oh man, there are countless things I'd do with a laser machine! I used to work at a sign shop and used a laser engraving machine all day long. I would spend every free second experimenting with different materials, processes, settings and whatnot. Ever since I left that job, I have been trying to figure out how I can get one of my own or at least have unlimited access to, because they're the greatest thing ever! Here's what I would do if I had one at my disposal...

Cardboard: Raster photos into painted cardboard, cut out faces, letters, shapes for art, signs, baby decor. Cut out sections for small furniture/home decor projects...

Stahl's Cad-cut heat activated material: Continue to design t-shirt that I could heat press onto shirts, bags, hats, blankets...I would need a nice heat press though,an iron just doesn't cut it.

Wood: Skateboard decks, maps, wall art, picture frames, child animal toys, beautiful inlay signs using differnt types of wood, children's letter blocks, door stops, scrabble tiles with fresh typefaces, house address numbers...the lists goes on and on!

Acrylic: Light shades, Wall art, Candle stick holders, coasters, picture frames, napkin rings, night light covers, chilren's mobiles, small desk organizational products...

Packaging foam: Faces, logos, kids toys, baby wash sponges...

Plastic: Neck tie holders (to prevent your tie from flapping in the wind), name tags, signs, wall art, cutting boards, more picture frames, more inlay work...

I'd make stencils, magnetic things to rival those "Support our Troops" ribbons, masks for sandblasting (I'd need sandblasting equipment) and painting. Sandblasting stuff onto beverage bottles is way cool!, small candle shades out of wood, jack-o-lanterns, cutout cookies, sandwiches, pizza, jello, cheese, lunch meat, brownies, rolls, etc., cell phones, fabrics, leather bands, rubber, christmas snowflakes, custom cut post-it notes, business cards, journal covers, notepads, mousepads, small pillow cusions for the little baby, label my electrical control box for my house...and I could keep on going. The possibilities are endless with a laser machine in my hands!!!
Deftoc, i see you used to work in a sign shop. do you recall what settings you used to cut cardboard? I have some sample i would try to cut on my new machine, but i only see replies which indicates that card board is flameable. Knowing that, i still would like to try some cardboard on my 75W machine. hope you can help me. thanks
I guess youve done it by now, we have a 60W laser cutter at school and i just use the same settings as acrylic if it is relativley thin.
Laser engravers and laser cutting systems are already used in an increasing number of businesses. Take a look at the businesses using Trotec laser machines.
carpespasm10 years ago
i'd probably start out with some simple things cut out of the masses of plexiglass i have around, maybe some super-complex clear gear/ marble mover toys. Then I'd etch some sort of elaborate design into my powerbook, i'd probably use it to make cases and parts for some of my other projects, might use it to cut and put designs in a new plastic skirt cover for the side of one of my old motorcycles, as well as strap it to a shark's head. you have to have sharks with fricking laser cutters on their head.
lego villain?
FreakCitySF (author) 10 years ago
Is this laser cutter new or used I wonder. And I also wonder if it can be upgraded with a more powerful laser if the winner was into cuttin pcb's, destroying small orbital moons, or just conducting research...
point it at the ground and dig to china =D
fill th proffessors house with unpopped popcorn, then aim it in through a window, onto a prism, into the popcorn
Inspiracy10 years ago
I'd build a REPRAP, or maybe a whole bunch of them, then I'd build Hektor.



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