What's Wrong With Evolution?

Right, for all the mud slinger fighting over the whole Religion/Christianity/Creationism vs. Aethiesm/Evolution/Big Bang forum war, here's a simple point/argument (note: for simplification purposes, the term "God" will apply to all religious belifs): Who says "God" didn't create evolution? Who says "God" didn't "create" the big bang? Aren't the similarities between "Let there be light" and "rapid expansion of energy (big bang, light)" a little to hard too ignore? Why does evolution have to be unholy? If the origonal spark of life was provided by "God", wouldn't the life changing and growing still be He/She/It's creation? Why the heck does it have to be six thousand years since the start of the world? I don't think "God" would really care to enlighten us with to much information to quickly, He/She/It would probobly just give us the basics and let us figure the rest out.
Bring it on Creation freaks and Evolution diehards, I'm ready for a good long argument with lots of substitute symbols _
(Oh yah, I'm neutral)


September 2008

Some how this got dragged up...
Anyways, my viewpoints are changed. The world was indeed created by a higher power. He is called The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and many, many years ago he got drunk and crashed into the primordial soup of the universe. He shapethed the Earth into form with His Noodly Appendages, and brought into exsistence Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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That is close to being the biggest pile of ignorance I have ever seen.
And yeah, that article is pretty stupid...
Ugh why did you have to bump this topic. Can someone just delete this stupid thread. Now theres gonna be another big argument about religion, beliefs, feeding the trolls and another big pile of crap that any sane person wouldnt care about.
Written by someone with little understanding of modern physics, no understanding of probability and statistics (you trivially cannot assert a post hoc probability for an event that has already happened), and a terrific ability to argue circularly. This must be where you learned your beliefs.
Something that has already happened obviuosly has a 100 % chance OF happening, really.
Oh, my word. That is wrong on so many levels.

According to that article, because the Laws of Nature were forged at the moment of the Big Bang, then they cannot be applied to evolution (which did not start of Earth until some 10 billion years after the Big Bang).

And all that Goldilocks hoo-wah! According to that idea, life can't exist at the poles, or around volcanic vents, or floating high in the atmosphere being blasted by UV radiation, or in highly acidic water, or in highly caustic water... yet it does.

Do I really need to go on?

I'll be charitable, and pretend the article was written from a position of ignorance, but it reads as though it was written with the direct intention of deceit.
ben_k8 years ago

This is my friend's dad's website. Read deep into it, and it gets good. =)
n8man ben_k8 years ago
Wow, I am so happy I do not live in Cobb County, so many wrong things, whoever wrote this sounds like a hyper-religious conspiracy theorist with a vendetta against the government and all things that do not follow his religion. Just wait til Kiteman sees this. I really want to see his reaction.
xACIDITYx n8man8 years ago
See my comment. I think it's sarcasm.
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