What's Your Favorite Beatles Song?

What;s your favorite Beatles song or songs?

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mr. 7074 years ago
wich song is better?:Tell me why or Ask me why
haha guess.
"Yesterday" & "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" .. * cries*
Goodhart5 years ago
I have a few actually: Back in the USSR

"Helter Skelter"

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,

"I'm a Loser"

"The Fool on the Hill"

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer"

"Eleanor Rigby"

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

and of course:    "When I'm Sixty-Four"
Elanor Rigby is a quite a sad song really, but one of my favorites
Despite my extensive list, I still would rather listen to music without words; mainly Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, etc. :-)
unfortunatly i've never acquired a liking of classical music, but when it comes to music i love songs that tell an important story
Mozart is one of the few things that "quiet" my brain. It is always bustling away tryint to figure something out, and the peace and quiet I can get now and then are welcome. Most rock songs (the music, not the singiing) are based on about 3 chords.....that can kind of drive me to distraction after awhile LOL
hahaha, i can relate with the active mind part as being a writer my mind just babbles on about my books constantly! hahahaha
yes rock music is not a favorite of mine either
....although the Beetles are considered soft rock :-D I did grew up on Ballads, but when my anxiety became a "constant companion" I had to find other things to listen to, and I always liked classical music (since the 6th grade). I do like some of the further out there classical works on occassion, like "Pictures at an Exhibition" and "Taccotta" :-) but not when I am "uptight:
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