What's Your Favorite Lady Gaga Song?

What's your favorite song written by Lady Gaga? Please tell me.

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ilpug5 years ago
I like the Skrillex version of Born This Way.

Sue me.
5hockwave ilpug5 years ago
SEE you in court.

HA HA. Just kidding who doesn't love Skrillex.
ilpug 5hockwave5 years ago
Well, most of my friends, for one...

He's okay, but not the best dubstep artist out there.
canucksgirl5 years ago
I like the one she ripped off from Madonna... oh wait, isn't that most of her songs...
iris1085 years ago
Telephone's awesome too
iris1085 years ago
Its sooo hard 2 say.......all of her songs are a lot of fun,but I like Paparazzi,Bad Romance and Alejandro d best,they are EPIC.
And I couldnt care less about her guts,her vulgarity,sense of fashion,atrocious lyrics as long as i like her songs,and I think nobody should,coz,come on,she still has achieved more in life than any of us have or probably will:-D
jack19675 years ago
i like the songs born this way,edge of glory,bad romance,i like it rough,poker face
paparazzi,judas,just dance,telephone and americano
lil larry (author)  jack19675 years ago
Cool...again haha.
jack19675 years ago
my favirate song from lady gaga is born this way,i like it rough,bad romance,edge of glory,paparazzi.poker face and judas and marry the night.
shes the best alright.; .]
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