Whats a good size tubo to start with?

Hi i am wanting to build a small jet engine from home. i'm sure there are many of you doing so or wanting to, I worked for rolls royce automobiles as a tech...yeah i was turning spanners for them, LOL for about 25 years. although i know how a jet engine works and all of the components, i would like to make my own. So i see nobody has posted anything yet??

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most i have seen are using t04b's or t3 t4 series plymouthlaser turbos mitsu eclipse stuff like that
sorry link dont't work but you now know where.
check out [rcdon.com] awsome info on chamber construction & formulas for diameters of tubes good luck
Goodhart10 years ago
It probably isn't an overly practical project for most of the "residents" here.

But here is a scaled down one I had seen before: JunkYard Turbojet Engine
Cloud365 (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
ok well thanks man. it's really somethig to do. um not trying to make anything fly ..lol
Goodhart Cloud36510 years ago
Well, I hope the link I provided will give you a start at least.
Kiteman10 years ago
I believe many projects start with truck turbos.