What's been bugging you?

Is there something that has been on your mind for a while. Something that is bothering you to death? Let us know before your brain explodes!

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ilpug4 years ago
My brain bothers me.
Goodhart4 years ago
PEOPLE that attempt to invalidate EVERYTHING I have experienced, and suffered over the years.
Forget about them and live life by your own standards.


(sort it out man)
I can't be totally alone though Lemonie, and me being me can isolate me from most people. So I can't forget all of them, especially those I "thought" I was getting close to as friends.

Criticism I can take, but denial of my past and present is just way too much for me. 
I'm burning my past; it's going on the fire*. That's because life is about today, and friends are really no more than people that you trust.


*collections of various bits of paper and card.
And when that trust is broken.....and what is is shaken up and shaken down, when you wonder if anyone will ever understand.....I turn to those who live what I do, feel what I do, have been through what I have been through. Those that deny me a opportunity to be me by trying to make me something else can take a flying leap.....but I suppose that is what you mean :-) It just isn't fun to have those you trused turn on you and tell you you are not yourself. It feels like betrayal.
Your trust was misplaced then.
No one can assert that another person is not themselves, but perhaps you tried (and failed) to be someone else?

I have finally found the Missing link, that ties together all the weirdness of my past, and present....all the social problems, all the things that make me who I am, as I have known myself for the past 50+ years......for another person to say that I am not any of that bothers me.....but it shouldn't reallly. 
There are always going to be people that believe they see others more clearly then the other sees themselves.  It is just disturbing to me because I have never MET this person before. Just some exchanges on line. 

Still, I have to get back to remembering that I can't "bring the entire human race" up to speed (those that wish to still believe in flat earths and false moon landings, etc). In fact, I can not bring a single person into the light of enlightenment if they do not wish to understand.

Batting things around like this helps me clear my head - :-)   TY
Kiteman lemonie4 years ago
Oh, please, please tell me you were wearing a faded purple kaftan , sandals and a macramé belt when you typed that, possibly within sniffing distance of a couple of joss-sticks!
lemonie Kiteman4 years ago
No, blue Atari T-shirt, jeans.
It's been good, I've got more space in my house and other personal benefits.

monsterlego4 years ago
Twilight has ruined everything

Lady gaga has ruined everything

Justin Beiber has ruined everything

Men have no peace.
Excuse me? As long As we have lord of the rings movies will survive. As long as we have Yui, Sawa and Yuko Ogura music will survive.
Absolutely, The Hobbit is coming out next year, which makes me happy. :)
Tornado965 years ago
A darn mosquito! >:-(
happyjo (author)  Tornado965 years ago
Smash it with your bare hand!
It's kind of a mute point after the thing has bitten you though.
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Well, it may make you feel better if you smash it and blood splatters! Hee hee! Anyways, it's payback to the little booger!
You know for someone with such a cheery profile picture you sure have an evil mind?
Yeah, she's already paid you for the bite (the poison injects makes it itch for so long afterwards)...
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Yeah, itchiness! I haven't been bit by a mosquito in who know how long!
Sounds like you need to get out more :-)
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Well, living in Alaska you really don't get bit by mosquitos in the winter! ;P
Oh ok, when you said "who knows how long" I thought you meant "years" :-) Yeah, we don't get them in the winter here either.
happyjo (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Ok! :D Most places don't! (Thankfully)
Thanks for the advice! :-D
happyjo (author)  Tornado965 years ago
Now I'm annoyed by not being able to find the darken tool on Photoshop. >:-(
happyjo (author)  Tornado965 years ago
:( Good luck searching for it!
Is that a mosquito which prevents water from flowing freely?
what water?
Font change got me :-( It looked like you wrote "A dam mosquito," not "A darn mosquito".
Dam font stopped your joke.
Quite the reservoir of replies, you've got there!
. Quite the font of wisdom, eh?
Putting up a good font are you?
Awww, cry me a river.
Stupid font... >:-(
Burn it with fire!!
Gnats are worse. :-P
monsterlego4 years ago
Also the number of K'nex groups there are. :P
Baronrc4 years ago
It appears to be impossible to get the authorised service agent to repair a Yamaha RXV800 receiver/amplifier without having to involve the consumer protection office. INSERT EXPLETIVE HERE!!!
dam miqutos make me made. hulk go to walmart to buy zappers.zap zap. dam i zapped my self!!
craftyv5 years ago
A TV report (in Australia) about the decision by a large supermarket chain NOT to sell meat that was "with added hormones" was followed by a spokesperson saying "this decision could decimate the meat industry in Australia". This really bugged me because I for one am glad. Who wants added hormones in there meat? Not Me.
happyjo (author)  craftyv5 years ago
Yeah, really!
craftyv5 years ago
Charity shops: Over the last few years there has been a major shift in the approach to charity by organisations such as Red Cross, St. Vincents etc. The goods on sale in their charity shops were donated items (free) and were sold at a cheap price to those who couldn't affort to buy in mainstream shops. Now they have a policy of selling to anyone at the highest price they can get, this money goes into the pool of financial resources and is distributed through their other (large) projects. If you are a person in need, but outside the "charity" system you have no access to "cheap" items and clothing. The other day I was in a charity shop when a distressed person came in. She said, she only had 50cents to buy a sweater, there reply to her was that the cheapest they had was $4 and sent her away. The items are donated (second hand) and she was willing to pay what she had. I am upset by this and can't understand people who work in a charity not having any true charity.
. Find out when the next board meeting is and present your case. Don't expect a positive response (in my experience, these organizations aren't exactly open to outside suggestions), but it's about all you can do. When you do find a place that "acts right", support them with your time and money.
happyjo (author)  craftyv5 years ago
This is horrid! Charity shops are for people in need! URg! This should be stopped!
Technology is moving to dang fast lets all slow down!!

Brian M Bernal
Randomguy655 years ago
Stress over being over worked. *Rolls eyes and sighs*
happyjo (author)  Randomguy655 years ago
aw... I am sorry to hear it. Eat some chocolate!
For some reason, HAM ,yes the meat, calms me down o_O
happyjo (author)  Randomguy655 years ago
Hmmm, well eat some ham than! Or pistachios! They taste awesome!
Scenester5 years ago
I want a boyfriend but I can't find one and most of the guys I like are straight
Goodhart5 years ago
I need more TIME !!!!

Anyone care to come keep my wife company for a few days so I can finish some projects?   LOL  
Do you have an elderly relative she could visit?
My better half still goes to see her ex husbands mother a couple of times a week as the old girl really needs the help & all her family live miles away.
If I am at home I get to have the place to myself for at least two thirds of the day when she "pops round for an hour" lol
She wants to be with me nearly 24/7, but since I work, she tries to make sure every spare moment is with me (unless I am in the bathroom LOL).

Its not like I want to get rid of her or anything, but I can't accomplish much if she is occupying space I need for projects or requestion I sit out and watch a chick flick with her....*sigh* 

She hates to drive, and she doesn't want to "leave me alone"  (as if I would burn the house down or something :-)  
i wonder how off base her concerns about you burning the house down are ? :P
I haven't "lit" anything up yet >:-)
Although she has left curling irons, hair dryers, and convection ovens running unattended
ChrysN Goodhart5 years ago
Is she interested in any of the projects you are making, maybe you two can collaborate on an instructable.
Goodhart ChrysN5 years ago
She doesn't have many interests of late. I fear for her sanity (maybe it's me?). She is definately not interested in anything technical. She has done a little decopage` in the past. She collects Breyer horses (an expensive hobby at best).
She has at least one interest...you!

...or at least she has interest in my income ;-)
The interest depends on where you have your income invested :-)
She's not interested in the interest, we can't keep it "invested" long enough to see that kind of interest. Which could be interesting to others, but is of little "avail" to me as she reaps most of the "benefit".
ChrysN Goodhart5 years ago
Too bad.

Oh, those horses are expensive, though they are pretty .
Goodhart ChrysN5 years ago
She also has a collection of Peter Stone horses (equally if not more exspensive) and just as well done, but oh my wallet LOL
Sunbanks5 years ago
Stupid people >:(
Is there any other kind?
You're right.
Sunbanks5 years ago
Ugh, school.
happyjo (author)  Sunbanks5 years ago
What about school?
Mainly how difficult of a time I'm having keeping caught up on everything.
*sigh* I'd LOVE to be back in school and not have to spend 8-12 hours a day in a grind that it brain numbing......
I do best, I discovered much too late, when I am learning and exploring.....my "job" is repetitious and boring. But allows me time to learn some things, think a lot, and look and or train for a better one. but after 23 years, I am ready for a change....
Why is there no workplace in the city where I have my dorm?

I litarly hanged my wall full of idea's for projects I want to build but I can't because I'm stuck here 5 days without any place to work and my parents expect me to be with them in the weekends...

Ugh I want a nice workshop with plenty of tools where I can work with other motivated DIY'ers...
Indeed ! There are none in the city I reside in, nor in the next one over (12 miles away) nor any of the others nearby (anywhere form a 45 minute drive to a 2 hour drive).
kelseymh5 years ago
Why are we getting mosquitoes when the outside temperature is only in the 50's (F) during the day, and down in the 30's overnight?!?
I bet they don't move much "during the night" :-) But once they warm up to somewhere warmer then freezing, they can still motivate :-)