What's on your feet?

Nowadays shoes are one of the most important things you can buy. Shoes tell about your personality, your stereotype (if you are stereotyped), and how much money you are willing to spend for a nice pair of sneaks. Just post what kind of shoes your wearing and if you want the price. I am currently wearing two pairs, not at once though. Vans Classic Slip Ons (Black and White Checkered), and Draven Samurai Tattoo. Pics below. Sardines454

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bythesea10 years ago
As a female I think shoes speak alot about a guy. I have lots of different styles according to the mood. But I like a guy who knows how to dress up or down. Shoes don't have to be expensive, just stylish. By the way at home I'm always barefoot.
jtobako10 years ago
Why would shoes say anything about who you are? Other than exposing how shallow you are : )
Brennn1010 years ago
Nike sneakers, Nike Cleats, Adidas Casual Shoes, but they are really used for basketball.
howboutitbru10 years ago
k swiss and i to some nike roll in style none of that emo crap like converse or vans
Aeshir10 years ago
I currently have no shoes really. I hardly ever leave my house, and I always going barefoot all the time (I live on an acerage, so there's lots and lots of grass to fool around on). I have weird flat-ish feet though, so it's really hard to buy shoes. And I never bother with anything over 30 bucks (as i said before I hardly ever leave my house and i'm used to barefoot). I haven't bought a pair since june 2006 xD and i've outgrown them. Currently, I'm wearing some light and dark blue plaid slippers my mom picked up from the thrift store. They're in great condition. I totally wore out the pair I just got for Christmas. That pair is dark blue woolish with fancy designs on the edges and seams. They have a snowflake on the front among other fancy wavy line designs. It's really a shame that I wore them out, they're a real work of art. I might get a picture of em up sometime.