Whats the best kind of tea i can get at H.E.B, walmart, or Walgreens

I live in the stonch military town of Ft.hood/Killeen, so its a pain to find any artsy fartsy any thing, even good tea. and all we have (as far as i know) are these big corporation based stores (THEY'LL STEAL YOUR SOUL) so whats my best shot at getting some nice, fresh, injoyable, tea, with only these locations to choose from.
-any instructables on good tea making?

much love: grossgrowth

lemonie7 years ago
Twinings English Breakfast (having looked at Walmart), or an un-sweetened, not-decaffeinated, not-messed-with plain "black" tea.

NachoMahma7 years ago
.  That all depends on what kind of tea you like. Earl Grey? Oolong? Something else?