Whats the best knex gun on INSTRUCTABLES


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Ha. The guy cant spell either.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Not yours.

Wow, I posted the same comment, and then I saw yours.  Great minds think alike.....

knex gun maker (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
calm down stressy i was asking every1 wht instructable gun was the best but i never heard of one thats called "Not yours." what type is it a sniper, assult rifle or pistol and by the way you guns break as soon as you use them because i have made all of your guns to see how good they are and there not as good as you say they are so i have no clue what "Not yours." is please tell me and mi modded uzi is so much better than your guns are
When I say "not yours", I mean "your guns are not the best". This is too subjective, there is no "best gun" overall.
TheChemiker7 years ago
Not yours.
Jesus.7 years ago
TR 18.
I would say The BRV1 by Killerk Or the DD-27 by DSman
Are you kidding me????? The BRV1 isn't that good. I'd say either, the SR-V1, H.A.W.C., Knex Heavy cannon, or A.D.U.
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