Whats the best type of paint to use for steel?

Okay, so I am currently in the process of starting to make a .380 machine pistol. So far, I have cutted out the tubing for the lower reciver. Right now I'm thinking of way of coloring it. I've read that some people heat it up with a blowtorch to color it, however, it turns to blue,purple,and brown, not the black or a nice gun blue as i'm hoping it to be. So now I'm thinking of buying black spray paint, but I have no idea whether the color would rub off after a while or if it might become too shiny. Any suggestions on whats the best kind of paint (brand,type,etc.) for this type of thing? All because I want to make this as best looking as possible,or do you suppose it would look best if I kept it in it's natural steel color? P.S. What kind of sling do you think would look best? Denim Brown Leather or canvas that is dyed black?

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acidbass7 years ago
 car paint with a clear coat
At the risk of sounding rediculous. Why not simply use gun blue? I make knives and my father Re-finishes firearms. We both use it for our day to day metal coloration. Some require heat. others don't.
Lextone10 years ago
Go to an automotive supply store and get a can of engine primer and a can of flat black engine paint. Follow the instructions on the can. Engine paint is formulated for high temps. Its pretty tough stuff, but will wear with use, but so does Parkerizing . You can always touch it up, but a little wear looks cool. Make sure you tape off the inside of the slide or it will jam up on you. A short, single point, under shoulder sling would be cool. Or.....no sling and a thigh mounted tactical holster would be real bad ass....like Snake Plisken, Escape from New York-bad ass!!!! I'm curious....is this an open or closed bolt design?
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  Lextone10 years ago
It's an open bolt.
someones doing a little pa luty style lol
how much of it do u have done?
I'm done with this already, the only thing with it is that it empties the whole magazine extremely fast, it only takes about 2 or 3 seconds for all of the ammo from the magazine to be used up, I decided not to paint it though, I just kept it as it's natural metal appearance. When building this gun, I found that obtaining the tubing was the most difficult part of making it. Now, I'm trying to make my own designs.
One way of decreasing the rate of fire is to add more mass to the bolt...

Just a quick suggestion
would it be possible to make a drum clip for it? ps. i noticed your using the .380 one, would there be a way you could email me the .pdf as an attachment?
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