What's the name of this brass part?

This is on an adjustable length cane, where this thing can be pushed into the inside of the tube to adjust length of the cane, and pushed out by a spring with a "click" sound to lock the length.
This is also on kayak paddles to select and lock the angle of the paddles.
In fact, this is fairly common and used in many other places... But I don't know its name. I want to use this on one of my project and I am not sure what name should I use to search for the parts.
Anyone can help? Thanks!

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kelseymh9 months ago
McMaster-Carr calls them "dog-leg quick release connectors" (go figure), and says they're also called "snap buttons and tubing buttons." See https://www.mcmaster.com/#button-clips/=171vn6b

You must be a cat-person, the joint of doggie hind legs or the "wrists" of the front paws resemble the ball detent along the length of the tube.

i , too was thinking ball detent.

kelseymh Toga_Dan9 months ago

McMaster-Carr uses "ball detent" (which was my first search attempt) for something entirely different! Namely, the kind of clevis pin that has a little ball near the end to keep it from working loose. It also sells set screws with a similar little ball at the end, which it also calls "ball detents."

ccyg8774 (author) 9 months ago

Thanks guys, I found it for sale.

Also a friend of mine (who is way more experienced in project of this type stuff) convinced me to use something else than this.

But still thanks guys!

Toga_Dan9 months ago

try searching uspto.gov. or onlone manuals with diagrams.

seamster9 months ago

I made a guess and googled button spring clip lock, and it appears they are called a variety of things:

spring clips, snap buttons, button spring clips, button clips, push button spring clip locking tube pins, etc.

If it were me, I'd just call them button spring clips since that seems the most logical descriptor.

Literally everyone has a different name for it, similar story for the plunger thingy used to free blocked drains.
Seems unless enforces a standard the names just keep piling up.