What's this?

The daily download on instructables, is that a new improvement? Cool...

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comodore8 years ago
It started since yesterday, I clicked on it and got the PDF of the Instructables Sweet Potato Fries. I guess that is selects a random Instructables and post it there. every day is another one.
Plasmana (author)  comodore8 years ago
Yeah, that is quite cool though!
awang8 Plasmana8 years ago
Welding... Soldering... Coincidence? Or is it power tool day?
awang8 awang88 years ago
Ooh... Sewing...

Nah, it's just how tos.

My mind went blank there. ALL instructables are how tos!
comodore awang88 years ago
... yea...once there was coocking...
awang8 comodore8 years ago
And they changed it to food?
Plasmana (author)  awang88 years ago
Well, it had survey, so it must be a random choice made by the staff...
comodore awang88 years ago
I think it is just a coincidence...
Plasmana (author)  awang88 years ago
Wow, I never noticed that....
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