Whats up with haterz?

Haterz. Stupid, stupid, haterz.

What is up with them? I mean, lets take a random example, a few days ago I posted the TR18 (with KILLERK's permission) and it rose up to 4.02* within a few days. Now I checked that a few hours ago, and it was still as 4.02*, and then about 10 mins later, it had gone straight down to 3.85* because some stupid hater gave it 0.5* for no reason whatsoever!

Anyway, I just decided that I would share that with you, thanks!

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Time to get realistic?

If someone rates it "good" Its going to drop a lot.

Face it. Not all instructables can be the "best ever".
Hiyadudez (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
I didn't say it was the "best ever".
People whine when someone rates their 'ible anything but 5, and 5 means "best ever".
He is not whining about someone rating his ibles lower than 5, he is complaining because they are rating them the lowest possible.
Ocasionally that will happen, but I've been heckled for rating things 4.5 instead of 5. Just saying that most K'nexers here have unrealistic expectations for their ratings.
I think I'm lucky to get a 3. All of my ibles (slideshows) have around 3.2.
I think that's good, for me.
Hiyadudez (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
You were my 1200th comment!
yours are.....
The only way ratings drop is if its lower than the current rating.  "Good" wouldn't bring an ible's rating down that far.  I agree with the rest of it.
TheDunkis7 years ago
I used to have like 4 ibles on the front page at one time. I think I had one of mine the highest rated at one time but it would constantly get attacked by people who didn't want it to be the highest. You learn to deal with it. People think they deserve 5.0 ratings constantly. I would not give any one K'nex gun a 5.0 because they've all had flaws so far. Even the TRs wouldn't.
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