What's with people not letting others post guns????

I've recently seen comments from people who want to post other people's guns.  Most of the time, it ends up in a denial and everybody is upset.  Someone went ahead and posted the rectangle (giving 100% credit to oodalumps), and got complaints of not asking permission.

Here is what I have to say about this:  If people won't let you post their guns for them, make a gun that fires like their gun, but make it original and different from theirs so they can't complain about asking for permission when you post.  Make sure it performs similar or better to the other gun too. 

The reason I posted my OMEN XR was because nobody could post the rectangle, so I decided to give them something else to build that works the same, but is designed differently.

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i known what you trying to say
i've build the sexbow from zak but he don't want me to post it
does it really matter? if the person can make the gun from the pictures why can't everyone else?
The BR18 is an incredibly difficult design, and only those more experienced could actually make the gun, particularly the turret. I posted it because lots of people who couldn't asked me to.
travw Lowney8 years ago
The BR18 is one of the simplest guns out there. IT'S A REPEATING WRECKTANGLE PEOPLE.
Lowney travw8 years ago
The gun is, I agree, but the 18 and 32 shot turrets are very complex
travw Lowney8 years ago
Not really. All you need to do is make two barrels. Then it's the exact same thing.
The 18 and 32 shots are hard to build, but not to understand.
Lowney travw8 years ago
meh, many would disagree
Well yeah after looking at it they are like "Help!" without trying to make it.
Well that was my initial reaction too lol! But after taking a closer look it did come to me easy, but some people just can't build from KillerK's or BakenBitz's pictures.
Wow.... not to be rude to them but....
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