What's wrong with this picture?

This past year I bought Volume 6 of The Complete Encyclopedia of Crafts for $1.56 almost entirely because of this photo I saw inside of it. The book is actually pretty good, but this photo is classic.

Picture of What's wrong with this picture?
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>wants desperately to snatch child away and comfort him/her<
Is that Kite Grandpa in the middle?

You know, I didn't see that before, but I sure do now...
My first though when I saw the photo was... Grandad!

(Oh, please, AngryRedhead, post some projects from the book!)
Kiteman Kiteman5 years ago
Actually, I'm now wondering if "grandad" looks like Jamie Hyneman...
Kiteman Kiteman5 years ago
What do you think?



A) Kiteman looks like Grandad; and

B) Grandad looks like Hyneman; then

C) Kiteman looks like Hyneman

That would have been so much more fun if we hadn't been starting with my usual avatar, instead of the real me...
KiteGrandad.jpgjamie-hyneman.jpgKiteman 0range.jpgPICT2299.JPG
A == B


Therefore, A==C

>looks at photos<

I'm wondering if you have long lost family in Michigan ;-)
I have some cousins via my wife's side who live in the New York area...
AngryRedhead (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Love the new avatar!

The projects in the book are honestly pretty good.  There are instructions for making a loom, batik, combining beads and macrame, etc.  Of course, the designs/colors are very outdated, but I can see how they could be cool again.  It also has the oldest reference I've seen for turning spoons/forks/knives into jewelry.

But I'll give you the page that has directions and templates for making these particular masks.  That way you can pose for all your Instructables portraits with your very own grandpa paper bag mask!  lol
>sees avatar<

>runs away shrieking<
I think that one figure's sweater should have a zig-zag pattern on it instead of a stripe :-)
The one in the back has a gun
She's certainly giving "grandad" a poke with something...
lemonie5 years ago

Ow, my eyes!