What's you IQ?

Here's the website I used: http://www.iqtest.com/

Mine was 145, and it's nighttime and I'm tired, is that good or not? Some people say age doesn't matter, but I'm 14 so don't make fun.

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PKM9 years ago
Averaged 147 on the online tests I took a couple of years ago- the whole "age" thing is a bit pointless, I'm just as smart now as I was then but would get a lower score because I'm older. Anyway.. the results I got from online tests varied between about 120 and 170 so I don't overly trust any one in particular, but the most sensible-looking one gave me a score of something like 145.
Morphos9 years ago
The nicest one I've found on the internet so far is this iq test
skunkbait9 years ago
135 late at night. Maybe I've gotten slower. Years ago they asked me to take the Mensa test. I didn't do it, as there's no way I could ever be as cool as those guys.
138 late at night...
Keith-Kid9 years ago
my doctor says 137 but some other iq test says 108.....
From this....149. Personally I find this very broad but I like that it says that I'm smarter than 99.95% of the people whom have taken it.
Oops scratch that.... that's the sample apparently at 2 in the morning my brain doesn't run right. The score sent to me was 119, but I think I can do better.
Now it says 134.
westfw9 years ago
My parents never permitted me to know my IQ test results. They were afraid that if I knew it was high, I'd take that as some sort of "entitlement" to success and get lazy, or get some sort of superiority complex. And if I knew it were low, I'd get a defeatist attitude and give up to a life of ditch digging (that being the stereotypical HS-dropout job in those days.) So now, well into middle age, I still don't know what the test results were. I tend to think my parents had some good points. I think I'll see if I can avoid testing my own kids, and avoid telling them the results if they are tested...
Ferrite westfw9 years ago
Same here, my parents won't tell me, but they do give me a range.
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