What's your Desktop look like?

Please post a screenshot of your desktop with any apps you would like to have running. Since I like the OSX GUI I decided to imitate it which is actually very easy with Ubuntu. Please share or leave comments!!! Update 5/16/09: Posted my update desktop. I've been trying lots of styles recently but I like this one the most so far.

Picture of What's your Desktop look like?
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sir-zeke8 years ago
my desktop gets changed when i feel like it it might be one of these though
ScubaSteve8 years ago
My desktop, with winamp moved onto a TV. Yes, i am using one of the default windows wallpapers. I like them.
cormac30508 years ago
ReCreate8 years ago
A more recent screenie
ReCreate8 years ago
Man I would So Like to Show you My Epicly Messy Desktop,But its on My Old PC,It runs XP. Well,Here is My Windows 7 Setup,I have Windows XP On this PC too,But i don't fell like restarting.
I finally Dug up The Old Computer's Desktop!
altaria19939 years ago
my lovely cube o' desktop... Ubuntu :D PS: dont mind the movie I'm watching... its not legal.....
lolz like anybody watches legal movies :)
yourcat8 years ago
Mine's got nothing but nothing. Graphite gray nothing.
Oh, it's sort of terrible right now. I never cleaned it up after posting my last ible. But there's enough Sayid to go around. <3
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