What's your Nerf arsenal?

Well, no one really talks about nerf guns here, and I thought I may as well bring it up.
So, just like knexgunbuilder's topic on what your knex arsenal is, I want to know your nerf arsenal!

Just to tell you had had three more guns: the Recon CS-6, a Nerf handgun, and some other gun that was really cheap. And also, my vulcan isn't automatic any more. (it's a long story, so don't ask)

What's yours?

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JosephR13 years ago




maverick x2
lightin blitz



recon x2

ball launcher x2

recon rules5 years ago
I have
sonic recon x2
nite finder
and hopfully either a deploy or barricade or vulcan for x-mas
monsterlego5 years ago
A maverick, a nightfinder and dart tag.
mromopop5 years ago
some of them are buzzbe
i have
a deploy
a stampede
a nite finder
a strickfire
and a barrucade
NatNoBrains6 years ago
I have 2 Deploys, 2 Strikefires and 1 Raider.
You have a few Nerf guns and some other random crap.
Seleziona (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago

never really bothered spending 70 bucks on something that a Logic bow outpreforms for free.

Seleziona (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
No nerf guns are 70 bucks...
sorry its $65.95 for the raider here in new zealand and the vulcan is closer to 80.
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