What is your beer like?

In the 1970's beer in the UK started turning bad. Fed-up the increasingly poor quality of beer that was too fizzy, had no character and no taste - some guys formed what was to become CAMRA.

Largely due to CAMRA's efforts there are now a lot of independent breweries and several pubs selling their beers in my local area. I can get a good choice in several pubs in the town and village, last night I was at a small beer-festival - they had 63 beers on the list.
This guy has a lot of information on the beer near me.

In addition to 'real ale' a lot of these pubs have a wide range of bottled-beers such as European lagers. Then there are some bars that stick mainly to these imported beers.

(You can drink fizzy tasteless stuff in plenty of bars of course)

So what is the booze like where you are?

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Doctor What8 years ago
I'm not a drinker, but I'll take a stab at being part of the conversation. Where I'm from, beer is actually quite popular. Not just the "let's go to the convenience store and get someone to buy alcohol for us and then go driving to a lake and catch a beaver" type of beer drinking. We have many microbreweries around town, each one having a distinct style. It could be that the place I'm from is kinda famous for their hops (as featured in picture two on your display). Actually, Dirty Jobs came into town, and shot an episode about harvesting hops. (do I sound involved?)
lemonie (author)  Doctor What8 years ago
Washington eh? I didn't know hops were grown around there. Having many breweries around town sounds a bit like here - I guess the city can support several. Thanks L
(ends conversation, still thinking that beer tastes like whale urine)
And you know what whale urine tastes like how?
I set myself up for that one, didn't I?
Very much so...
Whale urine isn't that bad. It does have an interesting after taste. It fills your nostrils with apple-ey goodness.
too many beers taste like liquefied moldy bread to me (yes, I have had to eat soggy moldy bread already :-p )
lemonie (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Ah, but have you ever drunk cheesy-tea? L
Can't say that I have, do you have a recipe or is it something you must buy?
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