What's your favorite game character of all time?

Tell us what your favorite video game character is. Any console, any game, anything goes...

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Chromatica7 years ago
 Either Mario, Crash Bandicoot, or Sonic.
OfficerKarl (author)  Chromatica7 years ago
 All great characters... Not many people seem to like the more obscure ones as much though...
 Fox McCloud is the most obscure I like.
Fox McCloud Is From Star Fox P.S. He Is My Favorite Too.
OfficerKarl (author)  Chromatica7 years ago
 Yeah, but that's still not too obscure...
How about GLaDOS (portal)
OfficerKarl (author)  Chromatica7 years ago
Yeah, that's more like it.
champion4665 years ago
Er.....................Yoshi in Mario Cart (Ds)
BuzzSkull326 years ago
Master Chief

( And you have to give credit to the one man who is looking at all of you right now, Chuck Norris
gillam6 years ago
just like the guy that posted this i like fire emblem games my fav is gilliam
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