Whats your favorite iPod Touch/iPhone Theme?

If youve Jailbroken your iPod/iPhone you will know that the best thing about a Jailbreaking an iPod is Winterboard wich lets you install themes onto it. After looking at a lot of top 10 lists i know that the 2 most popular themes are illumine and Glasklart. Unfortunately illumine is not on cydia anymore except for one that only has some illumine apps. So i decided to check out Glakslart so i got it and it is my favorite so far. but there are others too and everybody has their favorites.

Okay my new favorite is illumine, whats your favorite theme?

yoyo017 years ago
This is my iPod Touch. Bought from the Internet. Favorites.

Pablojr7 years ago
Ichos 2.0 Its made by me : D http://www.rockyourphone.com/index.php/ichos.html
FFVIIBOY (author)  Pablojr7 years ago
i looked but i couldnt find it