What's your favorite piece of cooking hardware?

Just wondering if anybody out there has one, "couldn't live without" piece of cooking hardware. A favorite gadget or tool that you just couldn't live without. Mine is actually my cast iron skillet I got for my 20th birthday along with a copy of Alton Brown's "I'm Just Here for the Food". I swear I have cooked pretty much every single kind of dish, from breakfast to dessert. I use it at least 5 times a week, and that would probably be a conservative estimate. Anyway, I'd love to hear what kitchen treasures anybody has out there.

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Seleziona8 years ago
i like the whisk. Good ol' muscle power!
aeromancy8 years ago
My favorite piece of kitchen hardware is my good old mortar and pestle. It's great for making dried herbs into a powder for baking.
Z..8 years ago
Yes! love my pressure cooker too. This is a newer type by Breville. It is the safest one I've ever had (had three!). I love a hearty casserole in about 20-30 minutes.

Love the hachoir (sp?) too.
CyrusII8 years ago
This is hard one either a- Crock pot or Dutch oven
mrrentalshoes (author)  CyrusII8 years ago
Man, there are definitely some good answers floating around.  I'm a big fan of the crock pot as well.
Goodhart8 years ago
When I was able to still eat fried foods, my iron skillet was my fav.

Now it has to be a few things I can't really rate over one another because it is like comparing apples with CPU's; but my steamer basket is great for veggies, etc.

I loved all the things I could do with my old Pressure canner also, but that, alas, is no longer alive...

Some over highly useful items are: my set of thermometers (from a quick read digital to the old stick it in the food and shove it into the over styles), roasting racks, and my crock-pot or slow cooker (a must have feature is a removable inner liner).
Z..8 years ago
I bought a secondhand casserole dish oval, flat-ish at a market. It is French; terracotta; Tefal lined, with a burnished bronze glazed exterior. I roast/mix-then-bake/fry/..everything. I even eat out of it!! Then I just wipe it with kitchen paper, and it's good to go! $8 AUS!! Wouldn't be without it.
food prossecer
Glimbi8 years ago
Blender. Why, you ask? Because it can grind almost anything together. Plus it can also make good smoothies :)
mikeasaurus8 years ago
The items listed are pretty good, and all fundamentals of a proper kitchen, I'd be lost without my tongs.

Good for everything from bbq to salads and from cooking to serving. With quality tongs you're able to do just about anything!
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