What's your post count?

Well? Check it.

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DJ Radio9 years ago
Instructables: 15 Forum Topics: 80 Comments: 3,792 this as of 1/25/09, and not counting this post.
1586 comments. 16 instructables. 236,000 views. Not to shabby. :)
Views? Oh, like all your ibles?
KentsOkay9 years ago
2,797, 15 ibles, 60,000 page views (roughly)
60.000 page views? How did you find that out?
Adding up the total number of views on my ibles.
Oh, I see... So I have roughly 125,115 page views... Average view of each instructable is: 7189.6875 views. And the most viewed instructable in plasma globe tricks. (48,509 views)
*jaw drops*
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