What's your veiw on the problem?

Recently I've been observing some comments on the knex instructables that need not be there. If you have a comment about how much you love or hate knex gun instructables, please post a comment here rather than posting mindless nonsense on other peoples' instructables.

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oodalumps10 years ago
Though I enjoy Knex guns, I'm not too proud of the community around them. Maturity "equivalent to that of mosquito larvae" sums up 80% of them. Most have great ideas and make good guns, but I feel like I'm playing Knex with a bunch of little kids... But as embarrassing as it is to be a part of the Knex community, I still like most of them, however immature they are.

rocketscientist2015: Because I'm a conceited ass, I want to point out that I made the first machine gun, not PerfectDuck. =P
Mad Cat oodalumps10 years ago
I must say, I agree. Some members are like 8 years old! Hmm... Maybe someone should make a "K'nex gun" website. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have to post an Instructable soon. :-/
Mepain (author)  Mad Cat10 years ago
It makes me think... Don't you have to be 13 to sign up for Instructables in the first place?
TigerNod Mepain8 years ago
True but there is no way to check if you are really 13.
I signed up two months before my 13th b-day, which is 3-25, i signed up on 1-26. But i'm 13 now. Ropple 07 claims he's 8, btw.
mmzdaniel Mepain10 years ago
yes but no one actually writes hes true age in that case right? btw im 13...
well, when i still was twelve and i wanted to get one a american site, i jsut didn't fill in my real age, because here in europe COPPA isn't on. so i actually wasn't really doing bad things, mostly because i allmost got thirteen at those times :P
lol i signd up when i was 8 on some forums XD
And you are killing the internet for the rest of up, because your parents are going to bitch and whine about how they want the internet to be a safe place for you, even though you are in places you shouldn't be.
Most of the knex community is just a bunch of little kids, look on you tube, most of the people displaying guns are under the age of 11. Perfect duck, KILLERK, you, and a couple others arent so young
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