Whay arent yo watching the Superbowl, pre game, and hype?

 I can't stand football. I'd much rather be here, with the exception of the commercials, of course. So, as I hear the hype, pre game, and other nonsense going on in the back ground, I'd rather surf around and goof on the computer. 
 What about you?  Feel free to post any nonsense or general gripes on the sport. Such as: Its a brutal sport that people get paid to risk mind, body, and spirit on with little other than monetary gain and a brief shot at fame.

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Dboye824 years ago
I'd rather not spend my time eyes glued to a bunch of big mens buts as they dance around a field throwing and catching a ball. Sports is for the primitive minded people who still believe elections aren't rigged
onrust (author)  Dboye824 years ago
Agreed. There is nothing like getting drunk and yelling at a TV
why do they call it the "superbowl" ? sounds like a deluxe toilet.!
onrust (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
lemonie4 years ago
You don't need to spend a massive amount of money to get a good game. I'm glad that this means nothing to me, but I do get a bit of exposure to the FA Cup...

onrust (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Thanks. That was a very nice stadium he was performing in. Unfortunately here in the states EVERYTHING has to be bigger, better and cost more. Take this stadium for example
lemonie onrust4 years ago
There is ham in that isn't there?
I guess that this is another consumer-event which is good for the domestic-economy?

onrust (author)  lemonie4 years ago
Hey you fit in great. Why not take a skip across the pond and hang out?
FoolishSage4 years ago
Well, "football" (the one where the foot almost never touches the ball) is pretty much only seen by Americans (as far as I know). This means that I'm only even aware that the superbowl is happening now is because I'm stuck in a hotel whose only english speaking channel is CNN. I'm not a big fan of football (the one with feet touching the ball repeatedly) either but at least it is of interest to lots of nationalities :p
onrust (author)  FoolishSage4 years ago
I was not even thinking of "futbol" or the game of soccer as we refer to it. I actually played more soccer as a child than I ever would football and I'm quite proud and consider myself lucky for doing so. Thank you for your eye opening input. You may enjoy some of the other comments above
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