When Do We Start Calling Years 'Twenty-Somethings'?

Dan Gillmor of Boingboing.net has posed a somewhat controversial question; "When do we start calling years 'Twenty-Somethings'?"

21st century hotel dg09.jpgOn an NPR newscast the other day, a reporter pronounced the year 2012 as "two-thousand-twelve" while someone he interviewed called it "twenty-twelve." I'd have gone for the latter, but the different choices made me wonder when we're going to give up what we've been doing this entire decade, clumsily calling everything "two thousand something," and move to the style we used during most if not all of the last century.

Wait, it gets more complicated. We have to think about the names we use for centuries, too. The 20th Century was also the nineteen-hundreds. But in the 21st Century, are we in the two-thousands? That sounds off, but the twenty-hundreds sounds totally wrong.

Via Boing Boing.

Its a great post, and I wonder your thoughts?

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KentsOkay8 years ago
I say twenty fifteen...
I say twenty point four.
Did they invent stardates yet?
Yes, in the Gregorian year of 1966.
Controversial? Maybe to the type of hipster doofus who agonize over whether or not to get the schmear or the lox on their artisan bagel.
...and how do you take your latte? :D
decaf,soy, medium.
. Cream cheese is best
Sunbanks8 years ago
2010 I guess, but I think it sounds weird to say twenty-eleven.
so we say start at 2010, then call 2011 two thousand eleven, and then all the other ones are twenty somethings?
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