When do instructables appear in the search results

How long does it take for instructables to appear in the search results?

Also how often are the 'views' calculated?

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torx7 years ago
Excuse me friend, but because my last imstructable is not yet published having the I already brought out last night?
Thank you for interest.
Kiteman7 years ago
Usually, within about half an hour.

Sometimes, though, something in your project can trigger the filters (such as being too short, lacking images, or having one of a secret list of key words in it).  If this happens over the weekend (California time), it can take up to four days to appear, as the filters are cleaned by humans who do not work 24/7.

Views are usually accurate to within a few minutes.

So you guys have some massive list of trigger-words to set off the filter!!!!!!!! How long is that list of words?!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a look at this link to see it.
Your link took me to Dictionary.com....but I didn't see any list or anything involving instructables.
Oh, sorry, you seem to have missed the point of my post.
Oh, whoops :)
There is a list, but it will always remain secret (even from me!), to prevent spammers circumventing the list and ducking being filtered.

That's smart.

Even from you?


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