When it rains, it pours......

Early this morning, during another bout with pneumonia, my Mother in law (my wife's Mom) passed away. I am at a loss for both words and feelings at the moment, please forgive me if I seem "absent of mind" in the next few days before my own hospital stay.

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Goodhart (author) 8 years ago
A very dear friend of my wife and myself has passed yesterday....I am preparing for the funeral today, and may sit shivah with the remaining son if invited to do so. *sigh*
Goodhart (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
To put things in perspective: death is life's way of telling us to wake up and start to DO something, rather then bide our time here, whether at work or home. The great equalizer
Goodhart (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
I have just returned from services and the wake. Such a lovely group of people ...
Goodhart (author) 9 years ago
Ok, tomorrow morning....very early....

That's sad.... But Sonic The Hedgehog LOLZ!
I mourn your loss, and hope you feel better soon. Death is hard - and although I don't know how you feel now, when my friend was struck by a speeding verizon truck, I felt horrible. Keep her memories with you, and she will always be alive in spirit.
Goodhart (author)  T3h_Muffinator9 years ago
Thank you T3h, it is much appreciated.
Don't worry Mickael. I'm convinced everything will be okay for you. I phoned to God this morning to talk about you, and she told me you'll have to stay among us for a long long time. (Hmm ... Now that I'm rethinking about it, I hope she did not mean she will kill all of us at once this Monday ... Someone remember for when is planed the end of the world ???) ;o)
Goodhart (author)  chooseausername9 years ago
I do believe so also, but one can never be 100% sure :-)
Goodhart (author) 9 years ago
Ok, well I have to take a special shower with this specially skunk oil smelling antiseptic liquid soap, and again in about 6 hours, when I get up, before rushing into the hospital.....Good night all.....be back in about a week or so....
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