When should my sister switch to baritone saxophone?

My sister started playing saxophone, and she wants to switch to bari sax. The problem is, she's way too small. She can barely play my tenor! She really wants to play it, but she'll have to wait until she's slightly taller and better at sax. When could she play the bari and what should she know before playing it?

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Toga_Dan2 years ago

The voice naturally deepens at puberty.

condor34362 years ago

let her realize the diaphragm strength nessasry. Many people who jump to bari fast can barely make sound. I played alto for 3 years, then switched to bari. At the point I had the strength. I've been playing bari a few years since. Honestly when it comes to size, the finger keys are barely farther apart. And the size is a little over 3 feet.

Just make sure she has the strenghth to not only play the saxophone, but also to lift it. If shes that small, I'd recommend using a brace rather than a neck strap. The brace puts the wait on the back instead if the neck. Much less strain.

Kiteman3 years ago

Shouldn't her music teacher be able to help her with that.

caitlinsdad3 years ago

Just from a parent point of view, if the kid has that much of an interest in music, let them play what they want to play, or at least try. I guess a music teacher, or school band leader might have a better recommendation. Of course, there is the fear of getting those chipmunk cheeks if they need to get all that air into a bigger instrument.

robin.howell.56 (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago

My sister does puff her cheeks sometimes, especially when playing tenor. I'm trying to teach her not to do it. She 's staring to get better on low notes, though. She can play a low D on tenor, which was a bit difficult for her to reach( not only because it was low, because she has stubby fingers).