Whenever i upload pictures, they don't show up on my library?

I've tried about 4 times, and they won't show up.

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noahw8 years ago
Bug recorded. Thanks for pointing this out & we'll be sure to look into it.
Owenmon (author)  noahw8 years ago
Thanks. I figured out that it's just the new uploader, though. The old one works fine. but i still like using the new one >.>
lemonie8 years ago
When you upload, you Browse and select, then hit the Upload button. Do they actually upload and appear, or never upload?

Owenmon (author)  lemonie8 years ago
They upload, then when I go to make an ible, their not in the library.
lemonie Owenmon8 years ago
Hmm. I can only suggest reporting it as a "bug" (see image) which is in my library