Where Do You 'Escape' To?

Hahah. Like the title says, guys where do you 'escape' to eh? For exaple to evade chores, nagging, or to go contemplate matters or important problems. You know what I mean 'your sanctuary', where you can escape everything else and just 'chillax'. For me i'ts my frontroom. Alone. I don't know but there just something about that room that I can clear my head best. But i'm sure it's different for everyone else. So go on...... ....I'm intrigued.

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goeon8 years ago
at first when i saw the title i thought you were talking about getting high but than i read on. i usually go on a walk around the river or to my garage and turn the music really bloody loud so yea sorry for posting on an old thread just felt like getting this out
Chicken22099 years ago
I just follow the railroad tracks till i feel like stopping, or until I see the train comming (yes I live right next to some tracks, its not as bad as it sounds, i like it)
I go into the woods or nearby fields for a walk. I especially like to go at night when it's cold and clear and the moon is bright.
I go cycling alone a quite forest path.
Camisado9 years ago
At school: Bathroom
skunkbait9 years ago
General Stress- I go fishing/hunting. Moderate stress- I hit the road on my Harley. Serious/Emergency stress- French Quarter, New Orleans!
And, depending on where you are, a visit to the French Quarter would involve a road trip on the bike. Even better...
It's about a 9 hour ride. I hope to make it next spring.
Hope I don't have an emergency anytime soon, looks like I'll need my scuba gear to visit New Orleans!
street riding
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