Where Do You Get Your Rubber Bands

I'm sure you all hate replacing rubber bands, so where do you get yours? Are they strong, weak, or average, and how much do they cost per hundred?

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Plasmana8 years ago
I get mine from the ground, littered by the post men. They are good and strong rubber bands.
wehe-tehe8 years ago
city market 60+55 cents weak.
shrek1508 years ago
Wal mart ya pile o monkey nuts
King_Banana8 years ago
office depot 32# and 64# rbs $5.00 per pound.
Which is stronger/thicker?
64# !!!!
Do you know a good brand?
ajleece8 years ago
Paper Plus #65's (They didnt have any #64's) They cost about USD $3.00 per 200 grams
What mepain said. They are by far the best.
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